Bob Rucker

Our rich campus diversity enables innovation and excitement in teaching!

Best Teaching Practices:  

                Listen to learn what inspires students.
          Invite sharing proud histories/stories.
          Embrace and adjust
to new generation learning styles.
          Actively engage & incorporate student experiences.
          Show your personality to enhance your connection.
          Challenge students to push past fears of new things.
          Offer constructive criticism for deeper learning.


Student Driven Learning Approaches:

Technology challenges can inspire creative student communications.


Case Study:
JMC School Student - Advertising Major
(Enjoyed watching videos, but had little experience with video productions.)

Diversity in Media - Class Final Project  (Fall 2016)



MCOM 180: Self Study Project #1  (Spring 2017)
"Women in the Workplace Issues"

Next the May 5th 'Cinco De Mayo' Celebration:

Sean will produce a 10 minute video focused on people from Mexican
culture offering President Donald Trumps their insights and experiences.


See Additional MCOM 105: Diversity in Media Video Final Projects 2016


Our JMC School Motto: "Learn By Doing."

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