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Spring Break 2018: Trip Photo Gallery
Friday and Saturday, March 23rd-24th:
The group of thirty JMC School students, Bay Area African American elders and community guests arrived safely in Atlanta, Georgia to begin their week long journey by van through the landmarks of the Civil Rights South. Photos below from group leader and  special project creator,
Dr. D. Michael Cheers,
Photojournalism Coordinator, SJSU Journalism School.


Sunday, March 25th:
The JMC School group was invited to attend a service at the
Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. King was pastor here. The ministers and congregation welcomed our SJSU group, and preached about the national student protest against gun violence, and the recent Sacramento
police fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in the backyard of his home.


March 25, 2018


Monday, March 26th:
Before leaving Atlanta on their civil rights road trip, Dr. Cheers arranged for the SJSU group to have a meeting with former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young. The 86 year old statesman stood next to his friend Dr. King in Memphis when the assassin opened fire and killed the civil rights leader on April 4, 1968. Ambassador Young spent more than an hour with the
SJSU led group at his offices in Atlanta.




SJSU Journalism says thank you to Andrew Young.

Leaving Atlanta, the group traveled through Alabama, and stopped at
the Viola Liuzzo Memorial along US Highway 80. It marks the place where the
civil rights worker was shot and killed by the KKK in 1965.





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