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"The fake news label has become a
convenient cudgel swung to silence any
actual news that runs afoul of the
right-wing nut-o-sphere's
talking points.
And so we must abandon
this term with great haste."

'It's not fake news,
It's web dung.'

Chicago Tribune Opinion,




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NY Times: 1/19/17 - How can journalists do their jobs with Donald Trump
        Stories about Trump and The Media

NBC News: 1/19/17 - The Contrast between Obama and Trump Unprecedented

NY Times: 1/25/17 - Trump promises major investigation in 2016 election voter fraud

SF Chronicle: 1/19/17 - Growing wealth gap a recipe for disaster


 Walter Cronkite:
His Top 25 Quotes
     "The Most Trusted Man in America"
Cronkite on YouTube



Remember: When you first learned to drive a car,
the rules of the road were overwhelming too.

All media professionals can relate. They know, however, the public has a right to know
 what's going on, and why in our free society.

To hold others accountable, or help people decide to act, good journalists enjoy being
dedicated and determined in finding facts and truths.
President Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying...
"Before you shoot off your mouth, make sure YOUR brains are loaded."

People in this profession take great pride in finding facts and
connecting details so people can see and understand the big picture.

Then let the public decide what should be done, and they will come to
trust and rely on your work. This noble profession is a right and an honor.




(Video) The real Boston Globe reporters explain:
investigative journalism needed to break
a huge catholic church sexual abuse story.

 Boston's Cardinal Law confirms the crime
(Video) 2002 local TV news press conference

A 2015
Academy Award
winning film
portrays what a real life
newspaper staff did,
with relentless,
determination to

trustworthy journalism
and report
the facts and records
which confirmed
a major child
sex crime was
taking place in the
Archdiocese of Boston.

See "Spotlight"
Movie Trailer



Criticism of journalists is easy. Finding and telling important truthful facts is not.
Because they thought this was so important, the Founders of this nation established
"The Free Press" as the watchdog for "We The People"
in the U.S. Constitution.



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