Moving Forward to an EXCITING FUTURE            Summer 2014 JMC School Upgrades


Thanks to major university support and the Anderson Gift to the JMC School,
very ambitious construction projects got underway in DBH
that will enable many new and exciting opportunities
for students and faculty!



Several DBH building projects have not been fully
completed by the start of fall semester classes.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

PLEASE: Navigate the halls carefully.
Stay alert, look and follow all warning signs
and stay away from active construction sites.
Thank You!



JMC Director Photo Exhibit: 'Moving Forward To Our Future'  - Summer 2014


During  major summer construction in Dwight Bentel Hall, our great
JMC School office staff moved temporarily to the 10th Street Student Services Building.

Four major DBH construction projects began reshaping our future in late May.

They were inspired by our JMC School mission and goals to keep advertising,
journalism and public relations programs among the best in the United States.



Major upgrades took place both upstairs and on the first floor of
Dwight Bentel Hall.



Also by mid August, university contractors completed the exterior work on our building.
More than one hundred windows were painted and cleaned, roof repairs were made,
and a new air-conditioning unit was installed on the roof.

On the second floor, the DBH 225 Cisco Telepresence smart classroom and the
Mack Lundstrom Convergence Journalism Newsroom
were serviced and integrated with a major technology upgrade
on the first floor of the building.



Introducing the new JMC School Digital Television and Multimedia Production Center.


A fully high definition control room and green screen based television studio.


Mark Siegel has built many of these studios for professional companies like Cisco Systems,
and academic institutions like USC and Northwestern University.

The ABS team quickly identified JMC faculty and student needs and goals,
then developed a comprehensive technology plan, and spent the summer turning our
very ambitious ideas into a facility capable of producing, storing
and streaming HD quality programs and efforts over the internet and airwaves.


Profs. Tim Hendrick, Lloyd La Cuesta, Diane Guerrazzi and Director Rucker
reviewed every detail of the plan and installation.


University crews cleared out all the analog studio equipment by late May,
and ABS crews began rebuilding the control room and a new green screen studio.






When JMC School faculty returned to campus on August 21st, they were treated
to a tour of the new television facility. NBC Bay Area Chief Engineer,
Francis Sandico, who served as a major consultant on the TV studio upgrade, also helped
the faculty select Juan Serna, an SJSU graduate, to be the first
JMC School TV Studio Engineer and Manager.


During the summer months convergence journalism student Elliot Alagueuzian
worked with the Director Rucker and Juan Serna to enhance and fine tune a 2014
promotional video Dr. Richard Craig used last spring to recruit high school students from
across the nation who were meeting at a San Diego conference.

See the revised JMC Promotional Video on YouTube ( linked here soon ).

Later in the Fall 2014 Semester the JMC School plans to host an DBH Open House.

All JMC students and campus guests will be invited to tour all the upgrades in
DBH including the last major project scheduled for completion by October.



DBH 117 is no longer the student lounge. Soon the advertising, public relations and
DBH Communications Agency students will have a state-of-the-art creative suite
for developing their projects and campaigns.

The JMC School is nationally accredited by the Association of Educators in
Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC).

This November, a four member AEJMC visiting team will time with us in DBH
and will talk with JMC School students about our history and their
wide variety of experiences in our degree programs.

We are very excited about the future!

These new technologies and tools will help keep JMC School students
competitive in future media job hunting efforts locally,
statewide, nationally and globally.

Our students stand out and work to be recognized for outstanding
achievements when they fully embrace, in every class assignment
and production, important JMC School standards:



Our JMC School Motto: "We Learn By Doing"

This is why the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at
San Jose State University continues to enjoy a global reputation
for excellence in media education

Look for more exciting updates here during Fall Semester 2014.



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