MCOM 111: Internships
Fall Semester 2017   (Closed)

Deadline to register for Fall Semester 2017 was Sept. 13th - SJSU Last Day To Add Classes

9/14/17  Email to Registered Students  (Congratulations & Important Reminders)

240 hours of professional media intern service is required
of all students majoring in Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations.

This must be completed before official university graduation.

 Deadline: Student interns must register by the LAST DAY TO ADD
SJSU classes every semester. No exceptions.

September 13th is the JMC School intern absolute deadline to register.
JMC School Policy: "Deadlines matter in media professions." No late adds.

Fall Semester 2017 - JMC School Faculty Intern Coordinator:
( Changes each semester )
Prof. Bob Rucker, Dwight Bentel Hall, Room 125,
Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays  11:30 - Noon and 1:30 to 2:30 ... Thursday, Noon to 1 pm
or by appointment in advance. 


5 Steps For A Successful Internship Experience!



1. Eligibility - SJSU majors in advertising, journalism and public relations MUST successfully
complete three courses in their major ( 9 units ) BEFORE applying for an internship.
An overall SJSU minimum 2.0 grade point average is also required.

Discuss with faculty in your major the options available to you long before you
approach an intern employer. Talk about your media career goals and determine
an internship experience that would help you achieve your goals.


2. Research Internship Options: Go online, talk with faculty & media professionals.

It is important to know what you are getting into and how to succeed.
Students should consult with faculty in their JMC School major.

For details on this process, student can also read the complete internship
Information Packet
posted by the JMC School website.
It explains in further detail the points listed here in brief.

Make direct inquiries for clarifications.
Be ready to talk with potential media intern employers.
Ask questions and request an internship job description.
Discuss fully the intern work schedule and job expectations.

Share with intern employers JMC School internship policies
posted online.

Know what's expected of each other.

Submit that job description to the designated JMC School Intern Adviser
 before the deadline to register for MCOM 111: Internships.

The JMC School Intern Adviser must confirm students are prepared
to meet employer obligations.

The adviser may also have some newly submitted media internship opportunities
to share with students before they finalize their plans. Be sure to ask.

3. Required Documents MUST Be Submitted
                         BEFORE Starting Internships For Credit

Students should download, print and fully complete this form on the website:

Internship Agreement Form

The intern employer MUST also sign the form and
provide information requested.

Students should then bring the fully completed/signed form
 to the designated JMC School Faculty Intern Adviser,
along with a copy of the internship job description
and a printed copy of the student's grade transcripts
for the JMC Faculty Intern Adviser's final
 review and agreement form signature.

Deadline each semester: The SJSU Last Day To Add Classes.

Important Advisory:

Students may NOT start an internship for credit until this process is fully completed,
approved, and the student is fully registered for MCOM 111: Internships for credit.
No exceptions. University class insurance coverage must be fully authorized.

Remember: The JMC School does not allow late class adds each semester.



4. Meet All Internship Obligations

Make a good impression every day of your media internship. Be on time always,
dress for success,  perform all job description duties effectively, be assertive and
interact with co-workers to learn more about your professional media experience.

Always ask your on-site supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.
Volunteer ideas, always try to think ahead and be helpful.

JMC School Requirement:
Students MUST submit their Internship Evaluation Forms
After Every 40 Hours Worked.


Send completed forms on schedule to the designated
JMC School Faculty Internship Adviser.

Call the JMC School Office if there is ever a job emergency
or the student needs help with a problem: 408-924-3240.

Late reports are not acceptable, and
can jeopardize getting JMC School internship credit.

The JMC School faculty adviser may contact the student or the employer
during the internship period for updates on the student's progress,
or to address any workplace concerns.


5. End of Internship Requirements: Students & Employers

The dates submitted on the signed Internship Agreement form at the outset
are the required dates of student internship job service. They must be honored
by all parties who signed the agreement.

After the student submits the sixth and final internship Weekly Report:


Complete and submit the


Complete an online survey evaluating the student's performance.
The link will be provided by the JMC School,
or submit a letter confirming the successful completion of 240 hours
and an evaluation of the student intern's performance.

Important: All of this must be submitted by the end of the SJSU final exam
period on campus that semester. If ALL requirements are not met
or all documents are not received by that time, the student will receive an
INCOMPLETE grade for the internship until requirements are fully met.


   A Reputation for Media Intern Superstars!

Leave a great impression!




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