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U.S. State Department Awards (2) Million Dollar Grants
For Journalism Education in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Journalism Education Enhancement Program (AJEEP) is funded by
the U.S State Department to modernize journalism education in Afghanistan. This grant is a partnership
between San Jose State University and two Afghan universities, Balkh University in the city of
Mazar i Sharif and Herat University in the city of Herat.

Prof. Diane Guerrazzi
in Afghanistan

She co-authored the grant
and is SJSU's Afghan
Education Director.

JMC School Director Bob Rucker (back left) hosts
San Jose lunch for the second group of Afghan
journalism visiting professors in Spring 2013.

Afghan Journalism
Professors in San Jose

Professor Helps Bring Modern
Journalism to Afghanistan

Journalism Skills Academy

March 2014

The SJSU-AJEEP radio
and website
went LIVE! 

The Internet radio station
offers reports from Afghan
students and professors.

Learn More



SJSU Journalism's Susan Mir and Prof. Diane Guerrazzi
(front middle and right) welcome the first group
of Afghan journalism professors in Fall 2012.

SJSU Prof. Diane Guerrazzi in an Afghanistan classroom.


Prof. Ferozpur spoke of SJSU project at the PRSSA
national conference in San Francisco.

Below is a message from:

Ahmad Zia Ferozpur
Assistant Professor,
School of Journalism, Balkh University
Public Relation Specialist,
Balkh Governor's Office (UNDP)

"Life is very much better here in
Mazar-e-Sharif/ Balkh City
( The birthplace of Nawroz)
and millions of visitor are
coming to the city
to join the special celebration 
of Nawroz here."

"As a small gift of this year, I am attaching
a photo of the last year which is covering
the participation of
Women in the celebration 
in Roza-e-Sharif( The Blue Masque).  

I am delighted to write you
to express my sincere gratitude and
on the special occasion of new solar year
of 1392 and international festival
of Nawroz, which has been
recognized internationally among
different nations in the world."


The School of Journalism and
Mass Communications is helping
to strengthen freedom of speech in
Afghanistan by improving education
of journalists there. 
We are engaged in two grants
from the
U.S. State Department,
worth more than $1 million each. 


The three-year grant partners
the JMC School with
journalism programs at
Herat University in Western
Afghanistan and Balkh University
in Northern Afghanistan.

Journalism Associate
Prof. Diane Guerrazzi
directs the two grants
and has traveled to Afghanistan
five times, with one
more site visit
planned in spring 2014.
In addition,
she has held special
training academies
for the Afghan professors
in Dubai and India
the past two summers. 

She is currently
organizing a training academy for
the Afghan professors
 in Nepal for the summer of 2014. 

"By now, the Afghan professors
are not only colleagues
but friends," Guerrazzi says.

See SJSU info
& more photos.

"It's great to see them
grow as professors,
with open minds toward creating a
student-centric teaching environment,
as opposed to the
Soviet-style approach
they've been using."


Professor Guerrazzi
is working closely with
journalist and JMC School
lecturer  and graduate
Halima Kazem,
as well as with contracts
manager Susan Mir,
a 2011 SJSU Engineering graduate
 who was
born in Herat. 

The three collaborated
to organize 11-week
 visits for the Afghan professors
at San Jose State
in the fall of 2012
and spring of 2013. 

JMC professors prepared more
than 30 modules of instruction
especially for them. 

The courses were designed to provide
original material and to serve as
models of best
practices for teaching. 

One of the major accomplishments
of the grants has been to revise the
curriculum for Herat
and Balkh Universities,
focusing on convergence and
introducing Public Relations
as an alternate major. 

In August 2013, at the National
Journalism Conference in Kabul,
the model was adopted as the
national curriculum
for journalism
higher education in Afghanistan.

SJSU has also provided
textbooks and technology
to the Afghan universities as
part of this grant. 

When the American military presence
withdraws from the country
in 2014, the hope is a strong
education sector, especially in
journalism, will keep
Afghans informed and
educated about their
society, government
and human rights.

See more photos
from Afghanistan.

JMC School Director Bob Rucker
receives gifts from an Afghan university
journalism program director in 2013


Prof. Guerrazzi, Executive Producer of "Equal Time,"
focused on the achievements of the Afghan journalism education project.

This special 30 minute program focused on the cultural differences
our visitors noticed about their universities in Afghanistan and California.

See the video:

Prof. Guerrazzi's students also produced an Equal Time episode on
freedom of speech issues in Afghanistan:

See the SJSU Media Relations story
with photos for the SJSU website:




Time honored traditions taught in convergence media education for the 21st Century


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