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 Monday, March 10, 2014


The School of Journalism and Mass Communications
presents the 2014 William Randolph Hearst Award
for Excellence in Journalism to


The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist spent the day at
San Jose State University, and offered a 
  powerful learning experience about living an
undocumented immigrant's life in America.

See Update News students video coverage:


Snapshots of Jose Antonio Vargas' day
in the SJSU Journalism School.

Vargas is escorted through the JMC School's
Dwight Bentel Hall by
Director Bob Rucker and Journalism
Professor Lloyd La Cuesta.


Vargas speaks with several JMC School classes
and meets many student groups.


Vargas has lunch with CASA Dean Charles Bullock
and the JMC School Faculty in the
Convergence Newsroom.

Vargas arranges for the trailer of his new
film 'Documented' to be posted online.

See the trailer for this documentary:


Vargas offers SJSU the first west coast
university screening of his new documentary.

More than 600 people from the campus and
Bay Area communities attended
including many who were undocumented immigrants.

Vargas' grandmother was in the audience
for the west coast university film debut.


So who is Jose Antonio Vargas?


3/4/14: A special video message from Vargas to SJSU students:




'Documented' Review

Vargas: "The biggest story
of my life"

Gambling with the souls
of America

CNN acquires Vargas



Pulitzer Prize

Vargas was sent to America,
from the Philippines,
as a child by his mother
so he cold have a good life.







It was a
powerful day
and evening
San Jose State

  On March 10, 2014
the JMC School hosted the
 west coast university premiere
     of a powerful personal story,
and met

 Jose Antonio Vargas

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist,
filmmaker, and founder of

Define American, a campaign that
seeks to elevate the conversation
around misunderstood people.

The School of Journalism and
Mass Communication honored
Vargas by giving him the
William Randolph Hearst
Foundation Award.

His new documentary in 2014,
acquired by CNN Films, is "Documented,"
a film about immigration co-directed by Ann Lupo.
It was produced in honor of the
11 million undocumented people in America.


 Vargas "outed" himself as undocumented in his
2011 New York Times Magazine essay
 "My Life as an
Undocumented Immigrant." 

He spent all day with SJSU
journalism students, faculty,
 and the campus community.

Vargas offered SJSU
the first west coast
university screening of his new,
documentary that will debut
nationally on CNN later this year.


Bay Area and campus community
groups and individuals were
to join us for an opportunity
to interact with Vargas,
discuss his documentary,
share personal stories,
and explore immigration issues
in-depth as
President Obama
and Congress work on
national immigration reform.

This event was co-sponsored by the
Office of Human Relations,
Human Relations Commission.

Learn more:

"Of course I'm worried about
being deported." - Vargas

Huffington Post

William Randolph Hearst Foundations

Transcript: CNN interviews Vargas
CNN to air documentary

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