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Kadee Coffman feature in a 4/17/14 Fresno Bee article.

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Making News At Your Alma Mater:

Jack & Emma Anderson's

JMC School Gift
$8.7 million


Former JMC School
Dr. Kenneth Blasť
Dies 2/21/14

SJSU Journalism
Among the
Top 50
programs in the U.S.

Students Win 3rd
National Competition


Campus News:
Budget Crisis
Dorm Race Incident

Steve Lopez
Receives SJSU Honorary PhD
See Video

U.S. State Dept.
Awards JMC School
Millions for Afghan Ed

Advertising - Creative
Newsletter: Fall 2013


JMC School
Faculty Doings

Special focus magazine
Goes Internationa

PR Professor leads
SJSU summer
Learning in Europe

Diversity in Media:
Let's Talk About It

New JMC School Alumni Survey

Advertising, journalism and public relations former students and graduates
 please tell us how their careers have unfolded since your days at SJSU.

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Today's JMC School Demographics

Recent JMC School Special Events


3/9/14 Jose Antonio Vargas sends
Video message
to JMC School students

More than 600 campus
and Bay Area residents
joined us for an
emotional discussion
where people shared
their personal stories
about being undocumented.


Documentary trailer

Hearst Award Presentation
and community Interaction on

immigration issues.


"Education: Wheels Up"
Special International

Group gathering at their
Havana, Cuba hotel.

Browse a few pages of this
magazine edition: See Sample

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More JMC School News:

Founder, Dr. Dwight Bentel's
100th Birthday

Dr.Bentel dies at 103.

JMC Students
Cross Country Post Election
Civil Rights
Learning Experience:

What did it take before
America elected its first
African-American President?

In Memphis, Tennessee at the site of the
assassination of Martin Luther King in
1968.   Enlarge photo

Photojournalism Prof., Dr. Michael Cheers,
takes the group across country.

Student video: Memories

The JMC School group sat in on news
production meetings, pitched story
ideas to report for the network,
and had fun with producers,
editors and anchors.

CNN anchor Kyra Phillips jokes with
RTVJ student leader
and trip video editor Justin Allegri.

When the group arrived in Atlanta,
they were interviewed
live on CNN by anchorwoman
Kyra Phillips who applauded
the SJSU Journalism School effort.

A year later she accepted our invitation
 to be keynote speaker at the
Spring 2009 JMC School Convocation
on the SJSU campus.


Special Guest Visit: 

March 10, 2014
the JMC School
hosted the west coast
university premiere
     of a powerful
personal story
about undocumented
immigration in America.

 Jose Antonio Vargas

Pulitzer Prize-winning
journalist spent time
with JMC students and classes
discussing the importance
of good journalism
and diversity issues
in the media.

Vargas talks with JMC School professors
during a faculty luncheon.
Learn more

JMC School Alumni:
Did You Know...

In 2012, the JMC School
led a group of 36 students,
faculty and staff from the
SJSU College of Applied
Sciences and Arts
on a ten day fact-finding
learning trip to Cuba.

"Education: Wheel Up to Cuba Project"

Melissa Rios' video story
Cuba trip press release

After they returned,
journalism students produced
a special magazine with
great feature stories, photos,
and videos on You Tube.

This SJSU Journalism School
Cuba magazine
is now being sold worldwide
on the HP Cloud.

Still Our
JMC Motto:
Learn By Doing!

Update News selections

New JMC School
Bay Area PBS Program:
Equal Time

2008 Access magazine trailer
Update News behind the scenes



Dorm Race Incident
Draws Campus Protests

Local & National Media

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson,
noted Georgetown
University scholar, is interviewed by
his long time friend
JMC Professor, Dr. Michael Cheers

Dyson was invited by the SJSU
Administration to come to campus
and provide more perspective
on racial issues.

Dyson on race issues.

Dyson campus presentation.

Exciting Travel
& Unique
Learning Opportunities

"Education: Wheels-Up"
distance learning
projects began in 2009.

The JMC School sent
a group of ten
advertising, journalism
and public relations
students to the first
inauguration of
President Barack Obama
in Washington D.C.
in a very unique way.

They flew to Memphis,
to visit the site where
Dr. Martin Luther King
was killed in 1968, then
traveled by van through
the landmarks of the
Civil Rights
Movement in the South,
and reported on the
history, violence and sorrows
 that framed the meaning of
the election of the first
President of the United States.

2009 Inauguration Trip
Original trip website

Daily during their travels,
students took photos and video,
wrote stories and blogs
about their emotional
journey online.

Schools around the
Bay Area monitored the group
efforts. Local and national news
organizations covered their
educational mission.
For four days
in January,
CNN asked the JMC School
students to offer a
live Q & A report
at their four stops.

Student Insights & Profiles

Happy 90th Birthday:
Prof. Emeritus Gordon Greb
Retired Broadcast Journalism expert returns to campus in 2011.


Update News has been broadcast continuously
in the Bay Area for more than 50 years.

2007 SJSU Celebration/Reunion:
50th Anniversary of Radio & TV Journalism

Part of the $8.7 million Andersons Gift is now being used
to upgrade the old analog TV studio to all digital/high
definition technologies.

A new Cisco Telepresence system, provided by SJSU,
will enable all students to interview special guests
anywhere in the world!


Equal Time is a public affairs local PBS television program,
produced by SJSU convergence journalism students and hosted by
JMC School Director Bob Rucker. It provides an
in-depth look and discussion about timely issues,
concerns and trends in Northern California.

See videos of past programs


Fall 2013 we began offering a new
convergence journalism
degree program.

All newly admitted journalism majors and minors now take the Spartan Daily,
Update News, Access or Shift magazine class, plus experience online and
social media reporting, to broaden the range of
their journalistic skills and abilities to compete more effectively in
today's global communications job market.

See the JMC School Director Bob Rucker's Strategic Business Plan
which includes a major fundraising campaign that has already
generated nearly $500,000. Let us know if you can help.



2004 graduate Aaron Pickering
has won four local Emmy Awards
for his TV news specials and
outstanding weather reporting
 in Tuscan, Arizona.




This year the JMC School
is up for national

Would you please fill out
and submit
your responses?

Alumni Welcome - Updates
JMC Alumni Survey
We ask that all alumni please
tell us how their careers have
unfolded since their days
at SJSU. Thank you!



Maintaining a Legacy for

In 21st century media
 higher education, you have to
think and plan big,
and work closely
with alumni and community
partners to help keep our degree
programs updated and current.

Our graduates continue
to have tremendous
success thanks to
the vision of Dr. Dwight Bentel
and his insistence that
our school and its graduates
be able to compete
with anyone in the nation.

 New JMC School corporate
partners, looking to hire
a well educated and more
diverse workforce,
are now encouraging
our faculty and students
to help them identify,
research and develop
the next generation of
new technology and
social media

Your willingness to connect
with our students,
 in person, via Skype or our new
 Cisco Telepresence system,
 inspire new hope
and confidence
in this generation of
JMC School students.

Please remember us in your
charitable giving.
Every gift counts, and
we ask all our alumni to join us
with these creative endeavors
by offering whatever you can
through our SJSU Office
of Advancement.

Thank you for encouraging
them and keeping us up-to-date
on your careers and

We are very proud
of YOU!

Come back to see us on campus.

You are always welcome.





Our legacy for excellence in media higher education continues thanks to you!


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