School of Journalism & Mass Communications
The 6th Annual Spuler Ethics Symposium, held April 30, 2014,
was an SJSU campus community event focused on issues of Diversity in the Media.  


More than 200 people attended and participated in an extraordinary and
candid discussion about how people and their cultures
are portrayed in media messages today.

See topics of discussion: Event Promotional Video


JMC School Prof. Matt Cabot hosted the energized and respectful
interaction about Diversity Issues in the Media.


The Spuler Symposium is named after Phil and Dean Spuler,
who met at SJSU in the late 1940s as staff members of the SJSU campus
newspaper, The Spartan Daily.  After graduation, the Spulers both had
successful careers as professional journalists.

In 2008, the Spuler estate created an endowed fund for media ethics in hopes
that SJSU students who are passionate about journalism will be able to achieve
their goals for generations to come. Understanding, appreciating and responsibly
 including cultural diversity in global communications is very important.




Panelist, NBC 11 News Anchor and JMC School masters degree
graduate Janelle Wang, spent time with students afterward.



Panelists, SJSU Kinesiology Professor, Dr. Vernon Andrews, Bay Area award-winning
TV journalist, Professor Lloyd La Cuesta, and JMC School Diversity in Media Professor
Dona Nichols stir things up with candid talk about NBA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling,
and unfulfilled diversity hiring promises in media newsrooms.



Fall 2014, the SJSU students will continue discussing and sharing ideas
and common values in MCOM 105: Diversity and Lifestyles in the Media.

Prof. Dona Nichols teaches the interactive and informative SJSU elective class
focused on race, gender, sexual orientation, religious cultures and disabilities
in advertising, journalism, public relations and social media messages.


Our motto in this 21st Century multi-media educational program: "Learn By Doing!"



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