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MCOM 105: Diversity in the Media


Ted Talk:
How Social Media Shapes Identity  (Video)
The forming, repairing, maintaining and revising
our sense of self-worth and personal significance.


Diversity Terms

Continue discussion of Social Identity in Media.

Levi's "Circles" Ad 2017


The new “Circle” commercials summarize a musical and visual message,
“We are all connected. We are more alike than different. And our differences only make us stronger." The Levi’s ad delivers the message implicitly, through the power of dance across a variety of cultures. The brand shared its “core beliefs are rooted in empathy and courage.” 

Levi's: "We aren’t perfect but we strive to always respect the individual,
to celebrate authentic self-expression and to build and be part of a
more diverse community."       Learn more.

Tarantino: Uma Thurman's 'Kill Bill' accident
'one of the biggest regrets of my life.'



Spring 2018

JMC School Special Event:

SJ Mercury News: 
2/10   San Jose State exhibition takes on a new look in Harlem

Exhibition Opened / Reception
Thursday, Feb. 8th,  MLK Library
The campus community invited to visit through March as part of a
SJSU Journalism School celebration of Black History.

In The News...


TV sports anchor gets emotional
after Eagles win Super Bowl


Advertising Industry - 2018 Super Bowl Ads


Ads: Winners and Losers

          2/5/18   CBS This Morning

Instant Ad Reviews

ne clear winner:  Amazon.
The online retailing giant, advertising for the first time
during the Super Bowl, won over viewers
and ad experts with its humorous take on
'Alexa lost her voice' and celebrities stepped in.

Advertisers mostly played it safe, relying on humor
and sentiment to get brand messages across.

A Ram truck ad that used an audio recording of
Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering a speech drew
considerable backlash, with viewers 
criticizing it 
for exploiting the late civil rights icon to sell trucks. 


M & Ms Ad Ram Truck Ad - MLK Speech
Tide Ad      Sprint Super Bowl Ad

Expert explains:  What Makes Up A Good Ad? 
Fortune Magazine: Why spend millions on SB ads?


Not Aired On Super Sunday:


Other Negative Ads:
 Racist Advertising

Social Identity Theory


More Detailed Explanation:

Ted Talk:
How 'Social Identity' explains prejudice


Read Chapter One:     Textbook 
  Spring 2018: Syllabus      Keep up with Current Events.

1st class video - The newest minority evaluated:

Millennials in The Workplace
Video discussion of the newest diversity group. Be prepared
to identify "fair insights vs. stereotypes."

Who is Simon Sinek?         More facts & information

The Nation & The World Watched:

Trump offers 3rd longest
State of The Union Address

Rep. Kennedy speaks for DEMS

Why do this speech?
Constitutional requirement.
Diversity issues.


CNN poll found 48% liked Trump's 90 minute speech.

His 2017 Address to Congress drew 47 million viewers,  
more than President Obama's last address to lawmakers.

Diversity In Media: Examples


Huff Post Road Trip: Listen to America
(Video) Refugees still believe in this nation.

1/31/18   Actor Scott Baio denies he abused his underage
"Charles In Charge" TV show co-star

Janelle Monáe @ The Grammys 2018

Kesha sings "Praying"

Highlights of the Music Industry's Big Night

1/28  Actor Casey Affleck withdraws from Oscars;
Won't present best actress award.


1/24/18   MSU Professor Larry Nasser given a 175 year sentence.

  Washington Post:
U.S. Gymnastics allow Larry Nassar to prey upon innocent victims.

Columnist Sally Jenkins asks "

1/22   Michigan State accused of billing student victims


Updates: #MeToo Movement
 Men Join The Conversation

CNN Opinion

1/18/18   Let's Be Honest About
Aziz Ansari

"When she replied that she felt violated,
he responded with an apology, saying
he had understood their encounter to have
been consensual ... because it was."

1/11/18   Trump's racist immigration comment


 1/23  Top Facebook exec admits the social media platform
maybe hurting American democracy

Facebook has 2 billion users worldwide. In 2016 took
80,000 election posts that reached 126 million people.


SJSU Journalism TV:
Special Diversity Project 2017


RACISM: My Experience  (Video)
From Silicon Valley to the SJSU campus, people from a wide range
of cultures and backgrounds talk candidly about their 
personal and workplace experiences with racism to raise
public awareness and understanding, and help
foster positive change in our society.

Student Videos

After studying and researching the history of media inclusion of
race and culture, MCOM 105 students identify a point of personal
concern and interest, and offer media industry insights and
suggestions on how to improve their portrayals.


Special Learning Opportunity

JMC School hosts a special road trip
to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination
of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Walk in the footsteps of American
history as we visit  landmarks
of the civil rights movement.

Re-live the emotions and powerful
meaning that changed this nation.


Privately funded trip - Donations Welcome!

TV icon receives lifetime achievement
Golden Globes Award

1/7/18  Video: Her powerful and electrifying speech
Prompts national speculation she may run
for President in 2020.

12/14    NFL star Chris Long donates his entire 2017 salary
                     to support children in diverse communities.

                CBS Sports' James Brown's video story.

The Atlantic Magazine: 12/15
CA Community-College 'Segregation Machine'
holds back disproportionate numbers of students of color

Hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino students are placed in remedial
classes every year.

12/12/17   Democrat took 96% of African American vote
                in Alabama Senate race in 2017


12/12   Trump's 'gross tweet' about NY Senator
             Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand calls it a “sexist smear” and added,
              “I will not be silenced on this issue.”

  Jimmy Kimmel returns to TV
after his baby son's heart surgery

Former SNL star resigns U.S. Senate Seat

12/07  Blasts GOP hypocrisy on sexual misconduct

Bernie Sanders calls for "cultural revolution" on treatment of women
that affects all workplaces, and more than high profile men.

12/06  Trump declares Jerusalem as Israeli capital
Ends 70 years of U.S. and global policy which could lead
to greater dangers in the Middle East.

12/07 Jerusalem Decision Protests  (Video)

Pope Francis calls for respect for the status quo


(Video)  LGBTQ - How You See Me

(Video) When We Rise - We Are Survivors

Nightline: Report on the 2016 Mini-Series 
                 All episodes of series on YouTube


(Video) Disability - How You See Me

Focus: A young brilliant physician born with autism.

11/19  NY Times: " The most watched drama on network television.
With roughly 17 million viewers for each episode, according to
the Nielsen ratings, it draws a bigger audience than the CBS
crime show NCIS, and NBC's This Is Us."

New TV Hit Show Trailer: Good Doctor

(Video)  Excerpt from store hold-up episode

NY Times:
How ABC found this surprise hit show

Fall 2017: First Season Episodes 

Media Stereotypes of Elderly

Millennials show us what "Old" looks like

Millennials vs Baby Boomers

Banned Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial

Criticism of Pepsi Ad

2017  Diversity Distinction in PR Awards 

Gender Reassignment Discussion

Do One Thing for Diversity Inclusion

MCOM 105, Fall Semester 2017 class ends.

Thanks for attending our special event 11/30/17

JMC School / 2017 Hearst Award Honoree


12/13  'Today Show' now beats 'Good Morning America'
in national TV ratings

11/29  'Today Show' Anchor Terminated
Matt Lauer, the anchor of "Today" for two decades, was fired after a
detailed complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace

The Growing List of Sexual Misconduct
Keeping track of the scandal



Grad Student Long Thai's
with hyperlinks to videos


See past MCOM 105 examples:

Important Advisory: It takes time to upload videos to YouTube.
Sometimes there are problems, and you must redo the uploads.
Prevent getting no credit.
Post your videos a day or so BEFORE the deadline.
Late postings will not be accepted for grade.


Recently In The News...

11/25  Bomb and Gun Mosque Attack in Egypt
More than 300 killed, 120 plus injured in an assault
by nearly 30 heavily armed men, one carrying an ISIS flag.


11/20  Oldest Congressman Settles Sexual Harassment Complaint
Rep. John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan, the longest-serving member of
the U.S. House of Representatives, allegedly fired a female employee because
she would not "succumb to [his] sexual advances."

Congress has paid $17 million in harassment settlements
over the last 20 years.

Ever growing list of high profile complaints/charges


11/21  CBS & PBS Fire Charlie Rose
After numerous sexual assault allegations.

MUST SEE:  'CBS This Morning's' extensive coverage
                    candidly addresses stunning news.


11/20   PBS and CBS suspend Charlie Rose
after eight women charge sexual misconduct


Prof. Bob Rucker: Commentary



11/20  GLAAD's 'Transgender Day of Remembrance'
Honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts
of anti-transgender violence.



Updates: Sexual Assault Reports


"I didn't understand what it was like
to be groped, to be harassed, to be interrupted, talked over, paid less, pushed around, belittled.
All the things that women deal with
that for me, as a man, I had the
privilege of not having to deal with."
- Ben Affleck   11/16/17

   TV interview with Stephen Colbert

Affleck, accused of sexual misconduct himself, apologizes and responds.


A female radio news anchor says
Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken groped and "forcibly kissed" her without her consent during an overseas USO tour
in 2006, two years before Franken
was elected to the U.S. Senate.
Leeann Tweeden is now a morning news anchor on TalkRadio 790 KABC
in Los Angeles.


11/16   Senate GOP leaders call for an ethics investigation

Ever growing list of sexual assault claims
Tracking the nationwide scandal affecting many professional fields.




November Video: New 2017 Holiday Diversity TV Ad
                    Latest media trend: Multi-cultural inclusion.


Asians and Asian Americans in the Media


Growing Sexual Misconduct Charges Ignite
Public Outcries & Creative Media Responses



Blockbuster Films:

10 Didn't Know Facts About This Film
Interesting facts and strange things.

Movie Trailer

*Strong Advisory*
The trailer was intended for
general audiences. The actual film
depicts many brutal scenes of torture
and punishment. Film grossed more
than $600 million worldwide.
Most successful independent film.

Warning: Film extremely graphic.
Viewer discretion advised.



Jewish Culture Film Trailer:

Diary of Anne Frank

Story of a German-Jewish teenager
forced to go into hiding during the
World War II Holocaust.
Anne and her
sister died of typhus at the Nazi
Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.



Progressive Insurance Advertising

Conflict and Resolutions
Lie Detector
Social Etiquette 1950s



YouTube: Gender Stereotypes in Advertising
        More examples



In The News...


11/14    Former Penn State fraternity brothers face
new hazing charges


11/14    Financial Lives of Millennials
"Millennials trust banks, financial institution values and technology
 more than most." A CBS News special series on the issues.


11/13   Fifth woman accuses Roy Moore of sexual misconduct

Growing number of public complaints nationwide

11/10  Comedian responds to sexual misconduct accusations


11/8   Former TV news anchorwoman accuses Kevin
       Spacey of sexually assaulting her teen son




Nov. 9th - Guest Speaker

Dr. Shaun Fletcher
Program Manager - Communications at Apple
Distinguished SJSU Public Relations Graduate


Fletcher: Gender Studies/Theory Tutor
Jobs at Apple        Apple's Market Value
Sexual harassment scandals in Silicon Valley
Crisis getting worse

Google fires engineer over his female manifesto


Bring 5 Typed/Informed/Printed Questions
Review his Linkedin 'Summary,' and links provided above.
Develop questions about gender & race issues in Silicon Valley.
Draw on information above but keep question succinct.
No questions with long quotes from info.


MAVY, an offering of The Agency at the University of Florida,
is a way for Millennials to reclaim the narrative of our generation.

Video: Millennials deal with Baby Boomers at work
"Cut us some slack!"

Nov. 14th - Class Gender Debate Continues

Spring 2017: Portrayals of Males in Media Messaging
                     MCOM 105 student final video project.

Advertising informs consumers about product choices
available in the marketplace. In 2016, more than 190 billion
U.S. dollars were spent in advertising in the United States


Gender Stereotyping in Advertising

History of Gender Advertising



Recently In The News...

    Lawmakers alarmed at the push to sell CNN
AT&T’s proposed mega-merger with Time Warner facing concerns Trump’s Justice Department is intervening in the deal because he dislikes the network.

At least 26 killed in Texas church massacre
Suspected shooter was ex-military court marshaled for domestic violence.


One Year Later

11/7   Why It Still Resonates In America


11/2  Puerto Rican journalists laid off in Hurricane's wake
The island’s badly damaged electrical grid and limited cell phone service meant
that the newspapers were the only ways for many Puerto Ricans to get their news.
10/31   Terrorist Attack in NYC

Eight people killed, 11 injured. The suspect, 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov,
an immigrant from Uzbekistan, plowed his truck down a crowded bike path,
going nearly a mile before being shot and wounded by police


Meet the partners of LGBT celebrities


11/1   Kevin Spacey scandal widens as Netflix suspends
production on his series 'House of Cards."

11/1  High profile movie director accused of sexual harassment

10/31   The Majority of Girls Face Sexual Harassment
with No Hashtags
  From Psychology Today

10/23    Hollywood Culture of Abuse



10/31  Class Meeting/Discussion

 Religion & Faith in the Media
New textbook chapter to read for Test #2


(Video) History of Halloween: The Religious Connection
This History Channel explanation


Historic Timeline: Religion spreads worldwide
Facts: World Religions    Largest World Religions


(Videos)   The Catholic Truth about Halloween
Nov. 2nd: All Souls Day

(Video)  Why Have Faith?

A Provocative Online Video Series:


(Video) Study says religion may be the best stress relief

Fox News discussion on religion as 'aspirational' and 'theraputic.'

Forbes:  Millennials in workplace don't need trophies
They want reinforcement


Thursday, 10/26 - Special Thanks


 Kiet Do - KPIX 5 TV News Reporter
Former JMC School Student
Kiet Do's Special Report Video
Bay Area TV News Stories
Atlanta TV Stories 
(His Resume Reel)

Assignment: Review Bio, Videos & Text Chapter 7
Bring 5 Typed/Printed Questions for Guest
Showcase your curiosity through your insightful questions.
Reference the bio, videos and text readings.



Recent Diversity News Headlines

10/28  Houston player's offensive insulting gesture on TV
provokes outrage among Asian Americans

Suspended five games at the start of the 2018 MLB season.

More Media Coverage


TV's Most Influential News Program:

50th Anniversary
Why millions watch this in-depth TV news magazine show.


Gender Issues In The News: Class 10/23


Gender Roles in Society
Why do we have gender stereotypes?
Gender Marketing
Advertising:  Gender Roles in Society


Actors Matt Damon and George Clooney on Harvey Weinstein,
accused on sexually assaulting more than 50 women in the
entertainment profession.




Extraordinary National Alert:

10/25   NAACP issues travel advisory to black passengers
flying on American Airlines



10/26  Kellogg accused of race insensitive advertising


10/23  Widow talks about call from President Trump
          ABC Good Morning America exclusive interview

10/22    Coverage of La David Johnson's return home

Gold Star Father "disheartened" by Trump call to widow


  News Headlines . . .

New TV show focuses on autism

Star Nicholas Gonzalez - Why Series Connects To Viewers

What is autism?

 10/23  Bill O'Reilly reportedly paid $45 million
in sexual assault settlements

10/22   Harvey Weinstein Scandal Continues To Widen

             At least 50 women have now come forward telling what happened to them.

Movie director James Toback accused of assaulting 38 women


More News...

Milwaukee Police train recruits to
de-escalate public situations


“The Flash” star Keiynan Lonsdale has no regrets about
coming out as bisexual


Instagram "Technology for Kindness"
Oct. 13th  CBS This Morning

10/17    Former FOX News Anchor/Sexual Assault Victim
"Excruciating Choice To Speak Out"

Gretchen Carlson is credited with starting a conversation about
sexual harassment and paving the way for accusers of
Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein to speak out.

10/5  Hollywood Mogul Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Takes Leave of Absence After Women Complaints

NY Times: Decades of Sexual Harassment by
Harvey Weinstein

Actress Jane Fonda Knew About Weinstein

Actresses Reese Witherspoon and America Ferrara 
victims of sexual assaults when younger.


10/16     Explosive CBS News 60 Minutes Report
             on Drug Companies & Opioid Crisis

Colin Kaepernick sues NFL. Could get millions

10/12    Deadly California Blazes Will Get Worst

Thousands of Northern CA homes go up in flames

Wine Country devastated by fires and smoke

10/12  Trump begins Obamacare dismantling
with executive order


10/11   Musician Eminem blasts Donald Trump

10/5   Trump's Justice Dept. reverses policy
protections for transgenders


10/5  GOP Anti-Abortion Congressman resigns
after suggesting a friend have one

More News Below

Representations of Hispanics/Latinos in Media


Fixed Images: Hispanic Stereotypes

What Media Teaches About Latinos


Stereotypes in Television & Movies
Video examples

Media Testing - Challenging Scenarios / Public Responses


Racial Profiling

Interacial Dating Biogotry

Latino Hate Crimes

ABC News hidden cameras focus on the average person's responses
and reactions to these issues of social responsibility.

What is Hispanic Advertising?

PR Newswire and the Hispanic Market

How to Appeal to The Hispanic Market

Dos & Don'ts in Hispanic Marketing


Why Univision's Jorge Ramos Took On Trump  (2016)


Report: Latino in America (2009)
Latinos Transforming Hollywood


Distinguished Graduate

Damian Trujillo
NBC Bay Area &
Telemundo Reporter

TV Public Affairs Host,
'Communidad del Valle'

10/3  Special Guest Speaker
(Class met in DBH 133)

Damian recently returned from
covering the 7.1 earthquake in
Mexico City.

Rescue Effort Stories

*Participation Assignment*

Review his video reports online.
Ask him about the challenges he
faced in Mexico, and covering
daily issues in the Latino and
Spanish speaking communities.

Documentary on Damian's Life
"From the Fields: An American Journey"

The film's producer said the goal
is to "intervene in the popular stereotypes
that depict Latinos
as 'illegals,' or 'gang members,'
among other
negative representations.

NBC Bay Area Story

Oct. 2, 2017




Massacre in Las Vegas

Automatic weapon sprays 22,000 at an outdoor concert.

More than 500 injured. 59 Dead.
Largest mass murder in American history.
Gunman: 64 year old Nevadan Stephen Paddock killed himself.

President Trump orders flags lowered to honor victims.
FBI: No known ISIS terrorist connection.
Las Vegas hospitals need blood donors.

  CBS Evening News

Video: Moving response by President Trump

SJSU President Letter on Las Vegas Shooting

Recent Gun Violence in American History


Strong Response to Racism Incident
in the U.S. military:


Air Force Lt. General's powerful speech
on racial slurs in their ranks.


More News Headlines

9/27   Desparation mounts in Puerto Rico after
Hurricane Maria's widespread destruction


As Puerto Rico copes with a "humanitarian disaster,"
President Trump tweets about the island's major debt

9/27  Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

Media mogul who helped spur the sexual revolution of the 1960s


A Pittsburgh fire chief uses racial slur at Steelers
football head coach over anthem protest


CNN National Town Hall Meeting:
Athletes & Activists spar over kneeling
during the National Anthem


 Black Caucus Chair in Congress:
"Utter disgust" for Trump

CBSN: Hate Rising in America

   Facebook releases 2016 Russian political ads

Tech giant gives Congress long requested evidence
supporting the Trump for President campaign.

9/20  ABC's Jimmy Kimmel fights back against
a U.S. Senator trying to repeal Obamacare again


 Children saved after Mexico City 7.1 earthquake
               More than 230 people killed. Many still trapped.

    Republicans trying again to end Obamacare
A remake of 1/6th of the overall national economy.

What's in this third 2017 healthcare bill?

Jimmy Kimmel rails against GOP plans

Former Pres. Obama defends his health care initiative.


Protesters erupt after judge acquits a Midwest policeman for
2011 shooting death of a black motorist.

2017:   What's happening in St. Louis

The nation again focuses on police and racial unrest in Missouri.

2014: What happened in Ferguson, Missouri  (NY Times)

9/17  Television's Top Award Winners 2017

Outstanding Writing in Comedy Series ( Diversity Acceptance )

Nicole Kidman Wins Outstanding Lead Actress ( 'The Bigger Message')


Six important relationship lessons from
TV's "This Is Us"

9/15  Manhunt underway in London after latest
bombing incident


Update: Equifax breach triggers public outrage
143 million Americans Social Security info exposed in a major hack.
Those trying to lock down their credit blocked. Anger growing.

How bad is this Equifax hack?  Protect yourself.

Hillary Clinton opens up during a media blitz
promoting her new book:

Rachel Maddow       Anderson Cooper       'The View'

Trump escalates ESPN controversy demanding
apology for white supremacist comments

Monday, Sportscenter co-host Hill Jemele Hill wrote on Twitter that
"Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded
himself w/other white supremacists."

9/14  Aftermath: Nursing Home Tragedy
Eight elderly people die at a nursing home, across
the street from a hospital. Extreme heat and no A/C.



9/14    Privacy Concerns over New Face Recognition
IPhone Feature


The most dangerous school zones in America
San Francisco County ranked in the top five.

9/13  DACA College Student turned in
on her Kentucky campus


Read Textbook Chapters 1 & 4.
Bring 9/14 Typed Responses To Questions Given.



Texting vs In-Person Conversations


Sherry Turkle, the director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self,
at the Aspen Ideas Festival. She believes that technology is an important part of modern life, but also that people need time away from their phones to cultivate the best relationships with other people. She argues that there should be spaces in everyone’s home and life where there are 
no phones at all.

Listen to Podcast: Impact of Technology on Our Lives



Making Week:

(CBS) MEGA HACK: Equifax
The credit score rating company revealed that earlier this year,
hackers stole the personal information of 143 million Americans.
This is the third major hack of Equifax in less than two years



Special MCOM 105 Project: TV Studio Tapings
http://www.profbob.com/SJSU%20Spartan.png  http://www.profbob.com/000-WE-THE-PEOPLE-d.jpg
Faculty, Staff & Students Respond To
Racism & Hate Voices in America

How has racism affected YOUR life?
Affected YOUR workplace experiences?

On one sheet of paper briefly list YOUR responses.
Bullet point experiences that happened to you.

Type, print out and bring YOUR responses to class
Tuesday, Sept. 12th. ( Participation Assignment )

The Atlantic: October 2017 Issue

The First White President


9/11    Trump's Former White House Adviser
Goes After Catholic Bishops Over DACA


Homeless SJSU Professor Lives In
Her Car To Survive


9/7 Class    Analyzing Media Messages

YouTube: Tyler Perry Studios
Expanding into animated films.

Critics of Tyler Perry:
His Movies Negatively
Portray Blacks

People Magazine 2016

'One of Perry’s critics is fellow director Spike Lee, who previously called out Perry’s television shows, claiming that they have set black America
back in progress.

Perry later responded to
Lee’s words, telling the director to “shut the hell up.”'

The Brand Keeping
Oprah In Business

'He’s gotten extremely rich producing movies, TV shows, and stage plays featuring predominantly black casts and Christian themes that are
about as subtle as trumpet fanfare.'

No, Tyler Perry, People Don’t Dislike Your Work Because Your Characters
Are Fat
 ( Demetria Lucas D’Oyley )

"Perry is always talking about doing slapstick to loosen up the audience
and send them a message...

So send one that’s actually helpful instead of adding a cheap plot twist that demonizes gay men... 

(His) films never display nuance or subtlety or even any real buildup...

At their core, the criticisms are about his lack of skill as a storyteller."

(Perry) has excelled financially and socially while peddling stereotypes and producing mediocre work. He has cultivated a core audience of people who do not demand that
he raise the bar."


Tyler Perry among top 100 most powerful in Hollywood.
His films now have grossed over $650 million in global box office sales.
His character "Madea" has a voice that resonates with viewers.

In Media, Being Provocative With RACE Sells

 Fictitious Campus Focus On Race  (Trailer)
Launched in Spring 2017.

More than 250,000 'dislikes' were registered for the show preview
 just 24 hours after it was officially uploaded.

Middle Schools talk about Cultures & Racism
               If these kids can tell their stories/views, you certainly can!

More News Updates:

  Bay Area Protests of DACA Decision
Trump rescinds Obama-era immigration program had authorized young people,
who were brought to this country illegally by their parents, the opportunity
to work, study and live in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against
NBC's "America's Got Talent" Winner


NFL's Michael Bennett Alleges Police
Brutality in Las Vegas

9/7  CBS This Morning:  Preview of New Series
Star Trek Discovery - Diversity Cast

First Black woman to play the lead in the 50 year history
of the billion dollar TV franchise. Will include the first openly
gay character featured in a Star Trek series.

9/5   Trump Administration Orders End To DACA
Immigration Policy

Young undocumented immigrant DACA children knick named 'Dreamers'
to be deported starting in six months. 800,000 people affected.

(Video) The Announcement/Analysis on CBSN

(Video) Bay Area CEOs & Lawmakers blast the DACA decision

CNN Updates on Trump Administration Plans


8/30  Homeless SJSU Professor Living In Her Car
Ellen Tara James-Penney is adjunct professor at San Jose State.
She teaches English 1-A and has both a bachelor’s and master’s

NFL's J.J. Watt Creates Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
J.J. Watt was quick in helping organize relief efforts for Houston after storm
devastated the area. He has now raised over $10 million to help the region recover.


572,000+ in Texas/Louisana have requested assistance.

Thursday, August 31st: 
Disney/ABC's 'Day of Giving' Fundraiser Nationwide

$10 Donations for American Red Cross Relief Efforts:
Text 'Harvey' to 90999. Paid on your telephone bill.

CBS This Morning:
Red Cross Answers Concerns About Victim Donations

80,000 meals served so far. 10,000+ living in shelters.
Critics say Red Cross donations do not get to victims.

Forbes Magazine:
Where To Donate and Avoid Getting Scammed

“Low-life cyber scum are exploiting this disaster using fake social media accounts,”
says Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Sportsworld Joins In Hurricane Victim Relief

Saving Strangers - Citizen heroes in Texas
Devastating storm brings people from all backgrounds together.
7,000+ living in shelters.

8/30  Pastor Joel Osteen's PR Damage Control:
"We Know We Did The Right Thing For Safety"
 His mega church in Houston was formerly an NBA arena.

Pastor originally slammed for not sheltering early victims

More Timely News Updates

What Professor Rucker Expects In MCOM 105:

 Active Participation: Candor Required

(Example)   Middle Schools talk about Cultures & Racism
               If these kids can tell their stories/views, you certainly can!


Catch Up:

8/27: Hurricane Harvey Aftermath
More than 11 million people affected. Most of Houston under water.
Eleven trillion gallons of water have fallen on the nation's
4th largest city. One of the costliest storms in U.S. history.


Greg Abbott
(R) Texas Governor

Shortly after graduating from law school,
he was partially paralyzed below the waist
 by a falling tree while jogging. Later he had two steel rods implanted in his spine and underwent extensive rehabilitation.
Read More:

His Bio
Leading Storm Relief Efforts

Diversity Overview:

Ad Council Campaign: Love Has No Labels

Their Mission:
Identify a select number of significant public issues
and stimulate (through advertising) action on those issues through
communications programs that make a measurable difference in our society.

Diversity & Inclusion: Subconscious Learning


8/25   President Trump pardons controversial
AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The 85 year old Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt
last month for disregarding a court order in a racial profiling case.
His sentencing had been scheduled for October 5th.

Hate Rising: White Supremacy in America

ABC 20/20: Extremism in the Streets
Program Aired: 8/18. Up close look at two groups preparing
for Virginia race confrontation. One hour online special investigation.
Shorter video excerpts on MCOM 210 Special Focus page.

8/18/17   CBS This Morning:
Violence in Charlottesville,VA
"Still Processing"

(Video) What White people can do.


Entertainment Media Creative Approaches:

 Fictitious Campus Focus On Race  (Trailer)
Launched in Spring 2017.

More than 250,000 'dislikes' were registered for the show preview
 just 24 hours after it was officially uploaded.

NY Times: Latinos Conversation on Race

26 Questions Asians Have For White People

Discussing Diversity:

Asian Americans Respond To Racism

The good, the bad and the ugly


Young adult males react to new Harvard University Report:
Video Update: Sex and Relationships


'Millennials not interested in casual sex.'

8/7   New York Times: See

Google fires male engineer at the center of gender uproar

Controversial memo goes viral inside company. It argues women are underrepresented in tech
not because they face bias and discrimination in the workplace, but because of inherent
psychological differences between men and women.


Fired Employee says "I'm Not A Sexist"
Google Reaction

  Special  SJSU Project: TV Studio Tapings
http://www.profbob.com/SJSU%20Spartan.png  http://www.profbob.com/000-WE-THE-PEOPLE-d.jpg
Faculty, Staff & Students Respond To
Racism & Hate Voices in America

Add your racism experience to the community discussion.

MCOM 105 students will be participating.

See JMC School Past Productions:
'EQUAL TIME' on local PBS

Did You Know? 

The Atlantic: How to get Americans to talk about race

"Eighty percent of millennials would rather not discuss it.
A majority of white and black adults
say they’re uncomfortable broaching the subject
with someone of another race."

8/24   NY Times:  
Blacks & Hispanics underrepresented at colleges/universities.

At the end of MCOM 105 - Final Projects: 
Students advise the media on addressing diversity

Sample music videos discussed in MCOM 105
Suggested by students, faculty and guest speakers.

8/3    Proctor & Gamble's new advertising tackles race in America
(Videos) Major corporation trying to start a new national discussion.


 8/10  CNN fires Trump loyalist for using Nazi language on-air
with a liberal opponent

6/29  Downs Syndrome patient becomes Boston hospital employee

American Bishops two different approaches to LGBT community

Vatican top official faces sexual abuse charges


More: News Headlines & Links

What is the...

A nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends
shaping America and the world. They conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, content
analysis and other data-driven social science research. Pew does not take policy positions.

U.S. Hispanic population has leveled off

In news industry, diversity hiring lowest in smaller outlets

Older adults driving mobile news use in America


This Past Summer...

6/27   Reporter blasts White House's 'fake news' allegation and
 sounds off in heated exchange with Trump spokeswoman.

6/25   Burned, Torn Quran, Bacon Found Outside Mosques
Sacramento attack on Muslims

6/24-25   Gay Pride Weekend in U.S. & Worldwide

6/23  Pride and Prejudice? Race tinges LGBT Pride celebrations

California adds 4 states to its travel ban for their anti LGBT laws

6/22  No major religious group supports refusal of services to LGBT

 Illinois Bishop: Pastors Must Deny Funerals to Catholics
in Same-Gender Marriages

Harvard University rescinds admission acceptance for freshmen
involved in hateful memes

Trump continues to promote his "Travel Ban"

6/20 Video: 12 year old girl comes out as gay in a Mormon Church

Teen pregnancy results in NBA star and mom lawyer

1930  Actress Marlene Dietrich pushed gender boundaries in film

HBO's Bill Maher counseled about using the N-word

(Video) Maher, Ice Cube & Symone Sanders on 'White Privilege'

 CNN Opinion: Bill Maher's use of the N-word is no joke


Catch Up:
Developments Mondays through Fridays

MSNBC weeknights


 5/31 - Young adult males react to new Harvard University Report:
Video Update: Sex and Relationships

Millennials are more interested in the components of dating and relationships
than casual sex, according to the report that looks into the "hook-up culture"
of young adults

Harvard: The Talk We Need To Have With Young People


Spring Semester 2017

5/15  U.S. Supreme Court declines review of N.Carolina voter ID law
       Lower court struck down law that targets black voters.

Unprecedented Global Cyberattack
             Penn State fraternity lawsuit planned
Soccer coach comes out to team as transgender
White nationalists protest Confederate statue removal

'Big Bang Theory' star weds 14 year boyfriend
Jim Parsons also stars in HBO's new AIDS activist movie 5/25

Asian American performers fight for visibility
Is Hollywood Whitewashing ethnic roles?

'Sad Asian Girl' takes on stereotypes

 “Have You Eaten?” — is the creation of a team of Rhode Island School of Design students who describe themselves as Asian femme creatives who feel unrepresented in general Western media. In 2010, Asian Americans made up 4.8 percent of the population, a population increase of 43.4 percent since 2000, the greatest of any racial demographic. But in 2015’s 100 top-grossing films, Asians made up just 3.9 percent of speaking roles, and there was just one Asian female director among the top 800 films from 2007 to 2015.


Public Broadcasting System (PBS):


Explore Latin Music Styles


Smooth Jazz - Black Culture Connection
Music in Slave Life


Diversity Empowerment in Modern Films

Tyler Perry

Film Excerpts on YouTube

Bus Stop:
'Madea's Family Reunion

Take Your Place:
'Madea's Family Reunion

Romantic Dinner:
'Diary of a Mad Black Woman'

Grits & Skillets:
'Madea's Family Reunion'

Call The Police:
'Madea Goes to Jail'

Oprah Winfrey interviews Madea Simmons

#12: The Perseverance of Abraham Lincoln
          Multiple failures led to great success.

  Pope canonizes children who witnessed the Lady of Fatima
100 year anniversary of the vision of Mary and miracles.

YouTube: Story of Our Lady of Fatima

Sister Lucia warned Russia would punish the world.

5/11      Bay Area TV News Anchor's Personal Mother's Day Story:
Fortuitous Broken Arm Reveals Early Lung Cancer
At Most Curable Stage


20 State Attorneys General call for independent probe of
Russian election interference


May 9th   President Trump fires the FBI Director James Comey
The man investigating Trump campaign ties with Russia is ousted
triggering a media explosion of stories.

CNN Legal Analyst:
"A Grotesque Abuse of Presidential Power"

More Media Coverage of the Stunning Firing


5/10   Wife of ESPN's Chris Berman Killed in Car Crash

 18 Penn State fraternity members charged in student death
Prosecutor describes how 12 hour college student drinking ordeal ends in tragedy.


 NY Times: 3/14/17
"Are We Raising Racists?"

New Series:

Show website

 "Stay Woke" - Dear White People (video)

Trailer: "Dear White People"
College student lives mostly from the eyes of Black people.

YouTube: Insights on Episode 105

                      Social Media 'Totally Racist' Outrage
Taped before the April 28th series premiere

Other Reactions



May 5th
An exploration of the differing opinions from Latino/Hispanic Americans
including personal insights on the annual American celebration.

Video produced by Sean Carino, former MCOM 105
Public Relations student.

More info: History.com


Disabilities in the Media  YouTube insightful video

5/1   ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details on TV
 His Son's Birth and Heart Disease

Approximately 150,000 babies are born each year with birth defects.
Approximately 3 percent of all children born in the U.S.
have a major malformation at 

Data and Statistics

Autism Society          Down Syndrome

Injury Accidents

Overview: Chances of Disability?

Stereotypes about Disabled

Positive Portrayals of Disabled


Open Sky For Autism
Special Hollywood effort to help those dealing with the stress of flying.

Media Representations of Age, Sexuality and Disability
Advertising & media "worship" of youthfulness & beauty.


Disabled Veterans (Photos)

Wounded Warriors Project:
Executives Fired For Lavish Spending

Cub Scouts Raise Money for Vets


Pew Research: 4/7/17
Disabled Americans less likely to use technology

Technology Profile

Disabled veterans in American history

New study finds media perpetuate stereotypes of veterans
“If the public is fed this negative perception of veterans—even in a fictional way—
it may affect how well they can transition back into civilian life.”

DAV: Fulfilling Our Promises

1/26/11   What people living with disability can teach us


5/2  15 year old black teenager shot and killed by Texas police

LA Times: Unlike #OscarsSoWhite, Tony Awards more diverse

5/1   Trump on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
President says he'd be "honored to meet him" under right circumstances.

Backlash from that remark


 5/2  Co-President Steps Down
Demoralized newsroom as racism/sexism charges plague network.

 CBS This Morning: FOX News Racial Discrimination Case
Eleven current and former employees filed a class-action lawsuit claiming
they subjected minorities in the company to
"abhorrent, intolerable, unlawful and hostile racial discrimination."

4/23  CNN: FOX News Anchor joins company lawsuit
Kelly Wright, a black reporter and anchor who has been with Fox News since 2003, 
claims that he "has been effectively sidelined and asked to perform the role
of a 'Jim Crow' -- the racist caricature of a Black entertainer.

KPIX 5: Special Olympics competition in Contra Costa County
A couple hundred special education students participated
in track and field events in the Special Olympics Northern California.

LGBTQ in the Media

Out (Magazine Online):  Gays on Television

Transgender Outed on 'Survivors' National TV show

Will & Grace Reboot

New 'Star Trek: Discovery' television series
to have a gay character

Chris Carmack (Nashville) on "Why Playing a
Closeted Gay Character is "Humbling"

LGBT Diversity Examples

CMT: 'Nashville' series Gay Character

Showtime: Groundbreaking LGBT Stories
'The L Word'  - Season 1 promo


HBO: 'Looking' series   Season 2 Trailer
When HBO cancelled the series, public outcry
to finish telling the stories lead to a feature film.
'Looking'  Movie Trailer

The Truth About Being A Gay Latino

Drew and Rick Parte 13 (Spanish translation)

African-American Gay Series: Love@FirstNight

Gay Asian Series/Movies

Finding Humor in Cerebral Palsy -
Is America Ready for a Gay Disabled

Previously discussed in MCOM 105...

4/24 YouTube: Gay and Lesbians in Media (Stereotypes)

Are Lesbians accurately Portrayed in TV

Real life effects of homosexual media portrayals

10 Hottest Openly Gay Actors in Hollywood

History of Homosexuality in the Media

10 Memorable Gay Male Roles in Movies

JMC School 2016 Special:
LGBTQ & Religions after Pulse Massacre

GLAAD Survey: 'Accelerating Acceptance 2016'
"As a dynamic media force, GLAAD tackles tough issues
to shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to cultural change."


Pew Research:

2015: Americans still divided on why people are Gay

2013:  How LGBT adults see society and it sees them

Pew Research Center Poll: 2013
Just under half of Americans (45%) say they think
in homosexual behavior is a sin
. Four-in-ten Americans (42%)
said that being gay or lesbian is “just the way some choose to live,”
while a similar share (41%) said that “people are born gay or lesbian.”

MCOM 105 Assignment UPDATE:
Develop your diversity focus.
Gather visual examples.
Make sure you download the 'Adobe Suite'
on your laptop or desktop computers.

Download Info          Tutorials

The Adobe Premiere software is recommended for the
class final video project due during final exams week in May.

 Video Projects - Fall 2016

Candid talk about media portrayals of diversity
and student suggestions for meaningful industry changes.


16th President
Abraham Lincoln:

"Before you shoot off your mouth,
make sure your brains are loaded."

To get the most out of Diversity in the Media:   

 Why was Bill O'Reilly fired from FOX News?
April 19, 2017

Paris Terrorist Attack
April 21, 2017

Washington Post:
 The O'Reilly Factor on Fox
Advertisers exodus is even worse than it looks

"O'Reilly Factor" show ratings soar
after sexual allegations

Pew Research Data/Analysis:

2016 Cable News Fact Sheet

2014: Five Facts About Fox News



Pastor who called gays ‘sinners’ after 2016 Pulse nightclub
shooting is convicted of child molestation

Reports: Pope Francis views/thoughts on LGBTQ


Harvard University: The Pluralism Project

Homosexuality in the World's Religions

GLAAD: LGBTQ "Missing Voices"
"...media outlets overwhelmingly quoted or interviewed sources
from Evangelical Christian organizations to speak about LGBT lives,
and the messages from those sources were significantly
more negative than positive, resulting in a 'religion versus gay' framing."

Pew Research: Survey on LGBT Americans

Gay Marriage/Religious Influence on LGBT

SJSU Journalism Special

2016 Post-Orlando Nightclub Shooting 
 Religious Leaders Response To LGBTQ

'EQUAL TIME' report on local PBS  San Jose channel 54
  Aired: Sept. 10, 2016
Hosted by Professor Rucker


4/18    In the Age of "Fake News," Media Brands
are turning to advertising to promote the importance of Journalism

NBC BAY AREA: April 12, 2017

Two JMC School faculty on timely social media reactions
Including Profs. John Delacruz and Bob Rucker

April 10, 2017

4/11/17  White House Press Secy. Apologizes for Hitler comment

United Airlines backlash after a passenger is dragged off a flight

Video taken of incident on board the aircraft

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz
  apologizes for the forcible removal


This Week: Background on Religious Cultures in The News

'Passover' - Solemn Jewish Observance each year

'Holy Week' for Catholics & Christians Worldwide

Famous Religious Movie Presentations:

You Tube background: The story leading to the Jewish Passover
The Ten Commandments movie
Saturday, April 15th it airs on ABC channel 7

YouTube video: Excerpt from "The Passion of The Christ"
***Viewer discretion is advised. Brutality depiction is vivid.***

The Son of God movie


4/10  Google accused of 'extreme discrimination'
against female employees

  Neil Gorsuch sworn-in as U.S. Supreme Court Justice

CBS Poll: Americans approve of Trump's attack on Syria
57% Approved  36% Disapproved;  Only 18% favor ground troops getting involved.



4/9/17   CBS 60 Minutes: What is "Brain Hacking?"
Tech Insider on WHY You Should Care


Also in the News...

4/11/17  Disabilities among working aged adults

Alabama Governor's Impeachment Hearing Begins
Over Sexual Misconduct in Office

How HRs should handle sexual harassment


Companies pull TV ads from top FOX News program
after reports of sexual harassment.

Democrats planning to filibuster GOP Supreme Court Nominee

Ivanka Trump on her new role at the White House

Keeper of 'The Keys' at The Vatican

YouTube Tutorial: Video
Think Fast/Talk Smart: Communication Techniques
Effective spontaneous speaking workshop at Stanford University
Graduate School of Business

Gender - The Space Between


3/27/17   CBSN Originals explores the intricate world of gender

Other News:

3/23   NY Times Opinion:
There's a Smell of Treason In The Air
F.B.I. confirms an investigation underway for eight months into whether another presidential campaign colluded with a foreign power so as to win an election.

New Healthcare Bill would leave millions uninsured

Texas A & M elects first openly gay student body president

Pew Research on Gender

Gender equality and inequalities

5 facts about Online Dating

5 facts about Love and Marriage in America

Unmarried immigrant women's birth rate down

Range of Gender Research



In Advertising: What Are We Learning?
Over time television ads have generated billions of dollars
and taught people about how "to attain happiness."
Gender roles evolve over time time in advertising.






How media influences gender roles and children

Sexism in Modern Advertising

Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes in Advertising

Gender in Leadership


Diversity News In The Headlines:

3/21  Police: Chicago teen gang-raped on Facebook Live

LA Latino immigrant communities: Fewer sexual assaults

 Growing role of the first daughter at the White House

Ex-Trump campaign manager faces new allegations

History: St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)

Feast of St. Joseph (March 19th)

'Meet A Muslim Day' in America
Aims to calm fears about Islam.

3/14  Trump's 2005 Tax Return Leaked to Media

3/15  "Beware the Ides of March"


3/14  Marine Corps responds to nude photos scandal

3/12   Latest White House Intruder An SJSU Graduate

A 2015 Engineering grad from Milpitas charged.

March Is Women's History Month
2017 Themes & Honorees

Video: The 1960s Women's Movement

Why is there no 'Men's History' celebration?

3/10   CNN profiles First Lady Melania Trump

CBS News Anchor Returns Monday After Heart Surgery

Canadian judge resigns after rape case sexist comment

SNL star Kate McKinnon

3/6  CAIR reacts to Trumps new immigration ban
We met their local Executive Director Zahra Billoo earlier this semester.

 Navy: Explicit nude photos online of women Marines
"This behavior destroys morale, erodes trust, and degrades the individual."

 THE DOWNLOAD for more timely news


Gender in TV, Movies and Music Videos






MCOM 105 Diversity in Media - Student submissions:
Music Videos
Fall semester 2016

MCOM 105: ASSIGNMENT - See in Local Theatres:

"Hidden Figures"

Film Insights: Achieving the Impossible

Chris Matthews MSNBC: "A Mind Doesn't Have A Color.
Cast discusses the racism and Black women's achievements
in the 1960s America.

Film star Taraji P. Henson's emotional speech after
winning the Screen Actors Guild Award.


1/30/17  Class Reading Assignment:

Has Diversity Lost Its Meaning?

Adding to the ambiguity is the fact that the definition of 'diversity'
changes depending on who is doing the talking."


Fall 2016 Final Projects




News Now           Top Stories
Not Fake News (Trustworthy Info)

Spring 2017 News Updates For Students
  Diversity and news headlines to know.

New Online National Petition:
Tell TV networks to stop broadcasting Trump’s lies.
For class discussion in MCOM 105.

Diversity News: Hollywood Films

2016 Movie: "Hidden Figures"
Insight: Achieving the Impossible

Chris Matthews MSNBC: "A Mind Doesn't Have A Color.
Cast discusses the racism and Black women's achievements
in the 1960s America.

Film star Taraji P. Henson's emotional speech after
winning the Screen Actors Guild Award.


2017 Movie: "Fences"
Reactions to the film


2017 Movie:
PBS: Growing up Black, Gay and Poor
Andre Holland discusses masculinity and homosexuality

2017 Release: "Manchester By The Sea"
PBS: A study in male loss and love.
Stars Casey Affleck & Michelle Williams reactions to the film.


2017 Release: "Lion"
Based on the true story of a real family experience.






February 20, 2017

border="0" src="Zahra%20Billoo%20CAIR.jpg" width="273" height="261">

Zahra Billoo

Executive Director,

Linked Info: Zahra Billoo

Reactions to "Muslim Ban"
Immigrants Rights Attorney Job

MCOM 105 Students: Met
next door in TV studio, Room 139.

5 Typed Topic Researched Questions
Required. Click for instructions.

Students also encouraged to
research additional pertinent sources.




2016: Fall Semester Diversity Discussions
Gays & Lesbians In The Media

Gay sex is selling more thanks to mainstream media

Out Magazine - Gays on TV

New 'Star Trek: Discovery' television series
to have a gay character

Anthony Rapp from 'Rent' is himself an out gay man,
which makes this casting particularly notable in an industry
still has trouble
 recognizing and rewarding LGBTQ actors.

'Nashville' TV show on ABC television:
Country movie soap moves to CMT

 "...a very universal theme about a guy who feels like
he has to sacrifice happiness in order to achieve his dream..."

Interview with actor Chris Carmack who plays a gay
country music start in Nashville

Chris Carmack on Why Playing a
Closeted Gay Character is "Humbling"


HBO series/movie: 'Looking'
Criticized by the LGBT community for depicting
today's gay community lifestyle like the past.


Towleroad: The Gay Legacy of 'Glee'

BuzzFeed LGBT:
Why do we see so much scissoring in lesbian
sex scenes?

Ellen Degeneres receives Medal of Freedom
from President Obama

ABC Trailer:
American Crime, Season Two

Actor Connor Jessup: Talks about the teen sexual assault story

The Depiction of Gay Teens in 'American Crime'
is Unprecedented on TV

Huffington Post:
What ABC's 'American Crime' Gets Right About
Sexual Assault

Out100: The Survivors and Heroes of Pulse

 Historic Hollywood portrayals:
Celluloid Closet
- Trailer
       Gay Hollywood - The Last Taboo 



Teaching Assistant Lloyd Alaban's

12/1 Class Handout:
MCOM 105 Video Tips
Includes hyperlinks to help you video edit
and upload your 2 min videos by 12/16/16
2:30 pm, the absolute deadline.

Go see Prof. Rucker in DBH 125 during office hours
if you still need to discuss how to tell your diversity story
and offer suggestions for the media on how to
address your culture in a more effective way.

SJSU faculty regular office hours end Dec. 12th,
the last day of Fall 2016 semester instruction.

Gay & Lesbian Issues in Media

See Mariela Castro's
Documentary Promo

HBO is currently airing her special report on the LGBT
movement in Cuba. Ms. Castro is the niece of Fidel
Castro. He used to severely punish LGBT members.

See the documentary on HBO if possible
 before Tuesday.





Prof Bob is looking for more women and minority
community media professionals who could talk in class
about diversity issues in advertising, journalism, public
relations and social media.

Please let him know after class sessions if you
know qualified individuals who could help broaden
our class learning experience. Thank you!







Expect MCOM 105 class quizzes on current events.

9/19/16    Unarmed man killed by Oklahoma police

9/19/16    ISIS link investigated in Minnesota
Stabbing Spree


9/18/16   CBS News: Three attacks in the U.S. in 12 hours
Law enforcement nationwide on high alert

9/ 18/16   American accidental airstrike in Syria threatens
ceasefire and humanitarian aid efforts

9/16/16  Trump says finally "Obama born in the U.S."
Publically ends his "birther" position.

9/18/16  Emmy winner urges Hollywood to hire transgenders

SJSU Journalism Special
'EQUAL TIME' report on local PBS

San Jose channel 54:  Aired Sept. 10, 2016

Post Orlando Shooting -
 Religious leaders on LGBTQ


NPR Discussion:
U.S. Shades of America - Talks Police Violence


Hispanic Media Outreach Efforts:

HBO Presentation: "Habla y Vota"
Promo Video


HBO Special Program

Habla y Vota
Special HBO series to get out the vote.

Register to vote in California



 $20 million settlement deal with Gretchen Carlson
Former Fox News anchorwoman sued Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.
Network forced him out of his job in August.

Extraordinary Public Apology:

"We sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that Gretchen
was not treated with the respect that she and all our colleagues deserve,"
21st Century Fox said.

Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News today


9/5/16   President Obama defends Collin Kaepernick's protest
Video: Obama's remarks overseas

Dr. Harry Edwards, adviser for Kaepernick & SF Niners

Kaepernick's football jersey - Skyrocketing sales


9/4/16  Mother Teresa of Calcutta declared a saint

Biography of Mother Teresa

The Guardian: ( Opinion ):
"My loathing of Mother Teresa turned to admiration"

Donald Trump praises Mother Teresa



(YouTube)   8/31/16  Donald Trump's Immigration Policy Address


Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest
(YouTube) Press Conference Video: Aug. 26, 2016  

President Obama defends Collin Kaepernick's protest

(Video) Reaction: First Take - Stephen A. Smith on Kaepernick
ESPN Commentary: "Don't call him un-American."
Chicago Tribune Opinion:
Disapproval of Kaepernick protest, but...


Summer 2016 - 'Millenials' Song  (YouTube/Facebook)


(CBS)  Actress Leslie Jones' personal website hacked - 8/24



(CBS)   Muslims erect anti-ISIS billboards in USA- 8/24


(CBS)   New Technology affects human behavior - 8/23



(CBS)     Race a factor in hot car prosecutions - 8/24


Cross Cultural Communication
"A shared system that is passed on from generation to generation to ensure survival."

Media Coalition: What is media diversity?
                           Why should we care?

(View) CBS video: How Technology Effects Human Behavior


MCOM 105: Diversity in Media


Pew Research Center

Multigenerational Homes

Conversations about
race in social media

Current Events / Global News


8/24/16  Hollywood rallies in support
of actress Leslie Jones

8/23/16  Donald Trump reverses
his position on immigration

8/23/16  Olympic Swimmer loses
major endorsement for lying

8/22/16: New York Times
creates a team focused on race

8/22/16: Women journalists
share stories of sexual harassment

7/5/16:  ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' TV
star criticized for BET race remarks

This SJSU interactive class identifies and evaluates
the depictions and impact of ethnicity & religious cultures, disability groups,  gender and LGBTQ communities 
in advertising, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, public relations, and multi-platform social media.
We study and candidly discuss timely representations of
attitudes, trends and perceptions that shape mass
communication diversity messages and public perceptions.
Join us!

Closer focus on Cultures/Social Issues

Constitution of the United States

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting
an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
or of the press
; or the
right of the people peaceably to assemble
and to petition the government
for a redress of grievances



Future of World Religions
Religious hostilities
World nations 'No Nos'

JMC School
Public Relations
Graduate Program

Fact Sheet

Prof Bob

MCOM 105

Fall 2017

to be posted

JMC School


News & Info

Fake News


MCOM 105

among working aged adults

Spring 2017


Pew Research:

Music Videos

Fall 2016

Student Success
'We Learn By Doing!'



Dates &

Spring Break:
Mar. 27-31

Last day of
Spring classes
May 16th

U.S. Census

Quick Facts

Election Results


SJSU Journalism
Who We Are...

Key Indicators
Pew Research Data



Public Relations


SJSU Diversity

2015 Data
Related Deaths

Pew Research: Social Media

Fact Sheet
Tech early adopters

Digital Economy
Fact Tank

CBS: (Video)
How Technology
Effects Human

Student Poll/Data

Gallup Analytics:
What the
world is thinking


Equal Time
Religious Cultures


Aired on local
PBS channel 54

Police aerial
watching blacks

Race a factor
in child - hot car

billboards target

More News

50 Shades in Rio:
2016 Olympic Games

NBC Universal

Diversity Videos:

woman Rio profile

Tokyo prepares for
2020 Olympics

Sikh Professor -
'Diversity Is

What Makes
This Nation Great'







Background Info:
Campaign 2016

Local Stories:


NBC 11



SJSU Racial


Actress Ellen
Comes Out


NFL report on
Miami Dolphin
bullying &


Campus Diversity

Pres. Qayoumi
on campus



Pew Research

5 facts about
& gender in

Who knows what
about religion?

Americans like

The most & least
cultural diversity
in the world


World Muslims

14 largest
Hispanic Groups


Reporting on

Chicago Tribune


Social Media



Gallup Analytics:
What the
world is thinking


Equal Time
Religious Cultures


Aired on local
PBS channel 54

Police aerial
watching blacks

Race a factor
in child - hot car

billboards target

More News

50 Shades in Rio:
2016 Olympic Games

NBC Universal

Diversity Videos:

woman Rio profile

Tokyo prepares for
2020 Olympics

Sikh Professor -
'Diversity Is

What Makes
This Nation Great'







Background Info:
Campaign 2016

Local Stories:


NBC 11



SJSU Racial


Actress Ellen
Comes Out


NFL report on
Miami Dolphin
bullying &


Campus Diversity

Pres. Qayoumi
on campus



Pew Research

5 facts about
& gender in

Who knows what
about religion?

Americans like

The most & least
cultural diversity
in the world

World Muslims

14 largest
Hispanic Groups


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