Bay Area High Schools continue the national talk about guns.

Schedule Monday Evening TV Taping Sessions

SJSU's History of Social Justice Activism 


Learn about the 2018 movement started
by students and teachers at
Marjory Stoneman
High School
in Parkland, Florida.


Washington D.C.
March For Our Lives
500,000+ expected for gun control rally.

Reactions to proposed DC March

Facts: Gun Violence in America
California Gun Laws

2016 college student voting

History of U.S. school shootings
NRA boycotts        Protest Backfire

Videos: America's gun problem

State of gun violence in USA

Maryland students march on Capitol


CBS: Students Arrive in Washington


March For Our Lives: 3/24/18

Students demand action

3/8  School shootings not the new normal
    Worldwide school walkout on 3/14

3/2  Gunman kills two at Central Michigan University

Videos:  Principal of
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

2/18   Parkland Students on National TV

San Jose Students Prepare for March For Lives
Parkland students on Bill Maher

2/14   Expelled Parkland H.S. Student Kills 17
The Victims          A Mother's Passionate Plea


D.C. March - Florida Organizers


  ABC     CBS     CNN    NBC     FOX     MSNBC
Telemundo       Univision      NBC Bay Area

Celebrities participating in marches

The Nation: Support Young People Taking Action
NY Times: Companies cutting ties with NRA
Time: NRA facing increasing backlash
Politico: Public strongly favor stricter gun laws

Bay Area Students & Teachers Share Insights on School Gun Violence


Our Motto:
"Learn By Doing"

About Us

Release Form
TV Taping

Campus Map

History of
Social Action

We want to provide an opportunity for our
students and Bay Area high schools
and our students to showcase their ideas
and abilities as they thoughtfully
join the national discussion about gun violence
in schools in hopes of inspiring renewed
efforts to protect America's youth. 

Letter to Bay Area High Schools

Public responses, powerful and committed, have inspired life-changing actions
throughout American history.

Contact SJSU Journalism Professor Bob Rucker,
Coordinator of JMC Digital Productions
                                  to discuss participation in this community service project.


408-924-3249 or call the JMC School Office:  408-924-3240
and leave a message for him with your contact information.

Thank you.

After the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia racial incident made national headlines,
the SJSU Journalism School enabled students, faculty and community members to
candidly discuss their personal experiences with racism
as a listening and learning opportunity.

The goal is to create a safe environment where the discovery of similar experiences
 becomes a familiar and comfortable practice for a better
understanding of what all cultures face in America today.

From that common ground, progress and solutions can be found.

2017  Journalism School - TV Studio Production:
"A Conversation Starter"

Our JMC School Motto: "Learn By Doing"

SJSU Institute: Studies Sport, Society and Social Change


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