ADVISORY: MCOM 105 Final Video Project
Spring Semester 2018

 All Student Videos Due Online:  Tuesday, May 22nd - 2:30 PM
    The complete video must be ready for playback on YouTube.
     *No Extensions*

Make sure you download in advance the 'Adobe Suite' on your computer.
This process can take some time.  Review tutorials to learn programs.

Download Info          Tutorials

The Adobe Premiere software is recommended for the
class final video project

You may also use your cell phones and other video editing
software programs.

All projects MUST be uploaded to YouTube.
Your URL link MUST be emailed to Prof. Bob by deadline.
Put "MCOM 105 Final Project" in subject line.

Late uploads will not be accepted. No credit.


Keep your video focused on a diversity in media
topic discussed this semester in MCOM 105.

You are required to offer
helpful suggestions/insights to the media.


IMPORTANT: When Editing Your Video...

Monitor carefully audio levels throughout your video edited project.
Make sure voice-overs are strong (but not over modulated) and clear.
Adjust volume accordingly throughout.
Any music used should be not interfere/distract voice overs.
Insert fonts (attribution) over pictures and videos
that you did not shoot yourself.


                    Below are several helpful links for MCOM 105 class' projects.
                  We recommend these basic how-to's links. For those who know
                   how to use it, they can find other advanced tutorials on YouTube.


1. If you want to do voiceovers, you may want to use Audacity

Audacity Tutorial


2. If you going to add music (and you should), make sure you credit it.
(Provide font attribution) Here are links for 
Free Music Download


3. Adobe Premier Pro CC 10 things for beginners


4. Adobe Premier Pro CC 5 essential video effects


5. How to remove background noise


6. How to remove room echo



7. Export video


Need Help: Don't wait until the last minute.

Make arrangement in advance to get technology
help from the MCOM 105 teaching assistant, Jihye Woo.

For advice on your final project topic, see
Prof. Rucker
in DBH 125 during office hours
before class.
No email requests accepted.


Sometimes there can be delays on You Tube when uploading videos.
Do NOT wait until the last minute, on the date of the deadline, to submit your videos!


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