Student Diversity Videos  
      During the Fall 2016 semester, students from across campus took the eye-opening Mass Communications 105: Diversity in the Media class, and were given a unique final project to produce a video portrait of roughly two minutes in length. Each students were assigned to focus on their personal cultural identities, and share timely information and important media representations of diversity issues in their  communities. Weekly this class explored and candidly discussed a wide range of topics highlighted in textbook readings and guest speaker interactions.

      Students also had the choice to produce a video follow-up on a diversity issue raised during the 2016 presidential election. All students were assigned to offer the professional media suggestions on how to more effectively portray cultural identity, societal trends and unique life experiences.

      All were strongly encouraged to be visually creative, and showcase their critical thinking, production and editing skills while incorporating pertinent pictures or videos that help make their points.

  The following student produced videos are randomly posted in no particular order.


Sakeema Payne


Ryan Sands

Adriana Arriaga

Brian Villanueva

Krista Field


Christine Nguyen


Kevin Tran


Keanu Haghighi


Jaleny Reyes

Ashley Cullen


William Yap


Sean Carino


Alice Nguyen


Ivan Gutierrez


Owen Roberts


Ashley Champa


Jackie Yee


Mercedes Martinez


Monique Stevenson


Brenda Romero


Aretha Dong


Savannah Hill-Solanoy


Quinn Dang


Sarah Pak


Jisub Song


Ricky Lam


Lisa Principi


Mitsuhide Kawanaka


Sabrina Lelieur


Jennifer Gonzalez


Alexa Tridente-Bruns


Ivony Gomez-Gonzalez


Cinthia Loera


Drea Chavez



Prof. Rucker thanks all the students in MCOM 105 for their semester long
 lively and insightful class interactions, and creative presentations above.

We enjoy showcasing and celebrating our global diversity
in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at
San Jose State University.

Remember: Dare to care...Just say hello...then listen well and learn
from those whose lives are different from your own.

Direct communication enables people to relate to one another,
break down barriers and find common interests.

It's a lifelong human experience to embrace and enjoy!


Mass Communications 105: Diversity in the Media
works to identify and evaluate the impact of ethnicity and traditions, gender issues, sexual orientation, religious cultures
and disability insights included in advertising, television news and entertainment programs, radio, newspapers, magazines,
public relations campaigns, movies, internet and social media. 
We closely examine contemporary issues and candidly discuss public opinions, current attitudes, trends
and perceptions that influence media decision makers as they shape timely and pertinent
mass communication diversity messages on a variety of information delivery platforms.

This upper division elective is open to all students on the San Jose State University campus.


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