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Prof. Bob Rucker's campus history photo gallery

Students on campus

    JMC Telepresence- Delacruz class 2013                                Rucker's J166 IRC teleconference class with east coast guest 2010

 2012 DB&H Agency team campaign

Advertising student in lab                                                              Photojournalism student on campus

JMC School campus barbeque 2009

2009 "Education on Wheels" Trip to Pres. Obama's first Inauguration


Dr. Cheers and students on CNN in Atlanta                                            Inauguration Trip group photo with SJSU Pres. Whitmore


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2010: Protest of SJSU layoff of 70 staff workers across campus, first round of major budget cutbacks

Photos by Prof. Bob Rucker




Rucker's Journalism 166 broadcast journalism students produced a breaking news story video for CNN I-reports that they broadcast on-air.



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