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General Campus and JMC Photos
by Prof. Rucker

Students on campus

    JMC Telepresence- Delacruz class 2013                                Rucker's J166 IRC teleconference class with east coast guest 2010

 2012 DB&H Agency team campaign

Advertising student in lab                                                              Photojournalism student on campus


2009 JMC School Barbeque outside DBH    


 Steve Lopez, Former Spartan Daily Reporter, award-winning
LA Times Columnist and author of the book and movie 'The Soloist'
receives honorary doctorate degree from SJSU in 2011.

Former JMC student and RTVJ Professor Kiet Do
met ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings.

Aaron Pickering, SJSU graduate Class of 2004, returns to
see Prof. Bob with his fourth Emmy Award for special
reporting and weather forecasting in Tucson, Arizona.











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