2009: "Education on Wheels" through historic landmarks of the Civil Rights Movement.

 2009 JMC School Inauguration Trip
Original website with details about the trip and student experiences.

Inauguration Trip group photo with SJSU President Whitmore
(middle), SJSU Provost Gerry Selter (back right end).
and new CASA Dean Charles Bullock (left end).

Trip Co-organizers were Prof. Bob Rucker and Dr. Michael Cheers
seated next to President Whitmore.


Some special moments from the eye-opening and emotional
cross-country "Education on Wheels" road trip.



Students receive an SJSU tee-shirt to wear at
special locations along their trip.


Ten JMC students depart from San Jose International Airport.
They would fly to Memphis and continue their journey to
Washington D.C. by van and report from historic
civil rights landmarks in the South.


Group outside the Loraine Motel in Memphis, TN. where
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

Students heard an eyewitness
account of the shooting from
Rev. Samuel Kyles


In Atlanta, Dr. Michael Cheers and the Inauguration Trip
students were interviewed
as a group live on CNN.

SJSU student Justin Allegri gets a kiss goodbye from CNN
anchorwoman Kyra Phillips.


Photos in Washington DC by Dr. D. Michael Cheers


More at: JMC School Inauguration Trip
The 2009 original website


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