November 6, 2013 - Bay Area media covers campus chairs and directors meeting with top SJSU
administrators about additional budget cuts ordered for spring semester 2014.


Numerous Bay Area and statewide news organizations reported on the emergency meeting.

San Jose State University Next Round of Budget Cuts

JMC School Students, Faculty and Staff:

Thank you for trying to understand the very difficult financial situation
the university is in with an overall $33 million deficit to overcome.

It's been a huge challenge the past two years to figure out a way
to accommodate students academic needs without damaging the
quality and reputation of our education. We are committed to
finding a reasonable solution that will help protect the
integrity of our three degree programs in JMC.

Since we teach students to observe, learn and analyze professional
media efforts in journalism, advertising and public relations,
I encourage you to catch up on this budget crisis situation.

Nov. 7, 2013: SJSU President Mohammad Qayoumi notified the
campus community that he had found funds to cover the planned
spring 2014 campus wide class schedule.

Before that Bay Area media offered these updates:

NBC Bay Area:
Video News Report

San Jose Mercury News:
San Jose State departments forced to cut classes for spring term



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