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    SJSU Dorm Race Incident / Crisis Management Approaches
Media Case Study


 Racial incident triggers protests and national attention.

November 25, 2013              Photo by San Jose Mercury News

Hate crime charges demanded for four students accused of racial harassment
during the 2013 fall semester at San Jose State University.


February 24, 2014: SJSU invites Georgetown University Professor and Scholar,
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson to offer ideas on how to address racial tensions on campus.

 See: Video of Dr. Dyson's Guest Lecture
More than 600 people attended in Morris Dailey Auditorium


2013 Media Coverage of the Dorm Racial Incidents


Feb. 3, 2014: Dorm Race Incident Investigation:
SJSU President campus letter             SJSU extensive report

Feb. 7, 2014: Special "racial bullying" panel probes dorm incident

Feb. 10, 2014: African-American student found dead in SJSU dormitory

Nov. 25th - Photo by JMC School photojournalist
James Tensuan who works for the SF Chronicle.

SJ Mercury News:

Time for soul searching at SJSU

President needs to do more

Faculty condemn hate crime,
criticize SJSU administration

12/11: Provost accepts new position, leaving SJSU

12/6: SJSU Responds Online to Hate Crime Incident

SJ Mercury News Editorial

11/28: SF Gate
Racist bullying is no prank kids

11/27: San Jose Mercury News
San Jose State study:
Black students described campus
racism years before hate-crime case


JMC School
Convergence Reporting:

Spartan Daily student newspaper
and Update News television
student journalism:

Special Coverage


Hundreds march in several protests
late fall semester 2013.


Racial incident
makes national news

NY Times:
Racial Abuse

CA students
in racist



CNN: (Videos)
SJSU incident

Charges filed


Huffington Post:
Dorm roommates arrested


Christian Science Monitor:
Protest rally



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