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Photos from CBS NEWS:



November 22, 1963

LA Times:
TV rewinds Assassination
50 years later

NBC News:
Assassination Coverage

Turner Movie Channel:
Special JFK Remembrances

Public Impact of the
JFK Assassination

Was the Kennedy family cursed?

History of the Texas School
Book Depository

Lee Harvey Oswald
killed on LIVE television

What a child remembers
about JFK


Television News Comes of Age

President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive in
Dallas for a routine political visit.

JFK was planning to run for re-election
in 1964.


In 1963, presidential travel routes were
well publicized in the news.

Hundreds of people showed up to
see the President of the United States.



Three shots were fired at the president.

One struck him in the neck.
The fatal shot struck him in the head.



Broadcast History
50 Years Ago

The Assassination of
President John F. Kennedy

 Abraham Zapruder films
the assassination.

      Cronkite On CBS LIVE     

  Dallas News: Reporters Remember

BBC Coverage

       Walter Cronkite  

CBS News: Face The Nation:
Putting the shooting in perspective

A record 98 million television viewers watched the four day live coverage of the assassination and funeral of
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. From 1963 until now in 2013, more people still get their
news from television than from any other source.

Poynter: TV watching trends are changing


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