Prof Bob's: Radio/TV Journalism Hall of Fame    
   SJSU's Distinguished Broadcast Journalism Graduates

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Below, all except Jane McMillan are former journalism students of Professor Bob Rucker.
Ms. McMillan graduated from SJSU and went on to teach radio news reporting in the JMC School.

Tommy Tran
TV News
ABC station

Fresno, CA

Henry Wofford
Sports Anchor & Reporter
Comcast Sports
SF Bay Area

Wofford CSN blog

Kiet Do
TV Reporter
CBS 5  SF Bay Area

 Hearst Competition
National Champion

Will Thomas
TV News Anchor/Reporter
FOX 5  Washington, D.C.

Hearst Competition
National Champion

Laura Burstein
Online Automotive

Damian Trujillo
NBC 11 Reporter/Producer
San Jose, CA


Former TV Reporter
FOX 5, Atlanta
Covered Hurricane Katrina
in New Orleans

Jane McMillan
News &
Program Director
KCBS Newsradio
San Francisco

Egan Schulz
I Tunes Senior Producer
Apple Corporation

Laura Burstein
Online Automotive


Aaron Pickering

Tucson, AZ

Brodie Brazil

TV Sports Reporter
& Blogger
Comcast Sports
Bay Area

Prof. Rucker taught at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for seven years before
coming to San Jose State University in 1990. Below, the following distinguished professional
was a student in Prof. Bob's first advance broadcast news reporting class a the U of I in 1983.




Drew Griffin
Anchor and Investigative
CNN Atlanta

Hundreds of RTVJ former students over the past 50+ years
have gone on to tremendous professional careers.

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Prof Bob's RTVJ Hall of Fame!


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Program's National Recognition:
'Excellence in Broadcast Journalism'

  Kiet Do                                                                                                    Will Thomas

Recognized for more than 50 years of Excellence in Higher Education,
Broadcast Journalism students at San Jose State University
has earned numerous awards including first place honors
several times in the distinguished
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
national student journalism competition.

SJSU Hearst Honorees John Lee, Will Thomas and Kiet Do
lead the list of hundreds of RTVJ graduates who have gone on to
successful professional careers in radio, television and online news.


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