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Congrats to "24"
Conan O'Brien STINKS!!!

As a TV professional, I must admit, I found the
2006 Emmy Award telecast to be boring

It seems our medium has lost the ability to creatively
think about how to use our technology MOST
effectively. Instead we now opt to simply reinforce the widely
held view that TV cares only about flashy sets,
dazzling clothes and simplistic or corny writing.
Today's industry insiders apparently weren't challenged
enough in school.

Despite NBC's research and plans to promote
Conan O'Brien to The Tonight Show in a few years,
there are, without doubt, millions of
viewers like me who have and continue to think
Conan is AWFUL and annoying to watch!

No, this is not a critique of his looks.

In terms of style, and offering comedy in a way
to engage a national audience
with life experiences beyond 21 years...
Conan O'Brien is a huge loser in many many ways.

Sure he has a strong following today. Of course
NBC expects that following to stick with him
when they marry, have families and grow older.
The major flaw with that thinking, however,...
NETWORK TV is rapidly becoming an also-ran

By the time we are forced to suffer through
Tonight Shows w/O'Brien, most viewers
will have long since found something more interesting
and intellectual appealing than his incredibly weak attempt at comedy.
Truly not everyone can be as gifted as
Robin Williams...but why promote and air someone
with the exact opposite talent and ability?

Writers falling all over themselves to praise this guy
and this awards show apparently are so hooked on
Conan and his dribble, they forgot to question
why he wasn't paying attention the day of the telecast.

O'Brien apparently didn't realize the big national news story
on that Emmy Awards Sunday,...
 the plane crash in Kentucky. Neither he (nor any of his drones)
had enough savvy to recognize the pre-awards
telecast skit showing him on a plane in turbulence
might come across as insensitive to many people
across the nation. Anyone who had any connection to
or feelings for plane crash victim / passengers
did not appreciate the skit.

TV is the medium with instantaneous access and impact.
Conan and award show producers, some with youthful know-it-all
limitations cannot make the excuse..."how could we know?"
You are celebrating a medium that has always known
its tremendous reach and timeliness is a constant
responsibility. Being asleep at the wheel
suggests your professional  thinking is sadly lacking.
O'Brien, the air-apparent to Jay Leno and Johnny Carson should
have spoken up and taken charge. Clearly this guy
has trouble thinking beyond the easy.

As for the overall awards telecast execs might
pay closer attention to the Tony Award shows. They
seem to get it. On Sunday evening, most viewers want more than
predictable split screen effects of aging actors. Finding a way
to showcase the wider range of TV performer abilities...
singing, dancing, acting, writing, whatever...
might just get you a better audience rating and following.

Beware also...tributes, while good and necessary, can be dicey
if not handled just right.
While he is a music icon on TV, millions of viewers, right or wrong,
also have a broader and less positive impression of Dick Clark
after watching "Bowling For Columbine." Putting this widely known
and respected music industry icon on national TV
after suffering a stroke might have seemed to some
as unfair and inappropriate.

In short, the best part of this year's Emmys telecast
came late in this somewhat tedious three hour offering.
BRAVO to the academy for recognizing as Best Drama Series
the show 24, plus its star Kiefer Sutherland.
This effort should have won last year instead of that now
aimless and boring one-shot wonder "LOST."

If only network execs could read a script proposal and
realize in this fast paced, high-tech world we all live in today...
audiences like their favorite shows to capture that energy
in exciting new ways, in ALL shows. Traditional networks
deserve to loose audience when they insist of giving us
endless replications of past successes and formulas.

Oh yes...THE OFFICE may be today's academy idea
of good comedy.
But those who know anything about the history of laughs
on TV know, this year's winner is as weak,
shallow and disinteresting to many
as was the host of the
58th Annual Emmy Awards.

It came as no surprise to this viewer when Conan O'Brien
was obviously thrilled to see this show win out.
Lightweights do like company.

Just my thoughts....Prof Bob

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