RTVJ Reunion Week - October 8th through 12th, 2007




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     Darla Belshe


    Gordon Greb

Ken Blasé

 Lloyd LaCuesta

 Bob Reynolds

Bob Rucker



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You’re Invited!
We can’t wait to see you again!


Hello from San Jose State University!


You’re invited to join us as we walk back through some

great memories, fun times and impressive achievements

here in the SJSU Radio and Television Journalism

degree program.


All RTVJ faculty, graduates, any former student,

from any major or minor on campus, who studied or
participated in the radio and TV news student news programs

since the 1950s, and all interested
 advertising, public relations, journalism
or master degree students, …
So…Pass the word to all your former classmates
& college friends!


The week of October 8th through 12th,
you’re invited to return to San Jose State University
and participate in many exciting events!


Tour the campus and see the many changes
made over the years!

Meet informally and mentor current SJSU students
who are dying to know what life can be like
after graduation from SJSU!


You’re invited to speak in Journalism School classes
 about your media experiences and discuss
coverage of timely news issues & historic events!

Friday, October 12th, in the Journalism building,
See a live taping of
UPDATE NEWS, the award winning
SJSU student television newscast!


Get together with old friends and faculty!
Darla Belshe, Gordon Greb, Ken Blasé
and Bob Rucker are looking forward to
welcoming you back!


Friday night, October 12th
Get ready for a huge celebration and party…

The 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner!


Be a part of something really special!
We can’t wait to see you!

If you can’t make it back
but would love to

participate…go ahead to

the registration link and fill out

the questionaire so we can keep in touch!

We ask you to help us by offering
your expert advice and financial support
as we plan for the future

as we continue to improve and expand
the SJSU broadcast journalism degree program!



Check this out….

You can also
send us a short video message
on digital video tape that can be posted
and streamed on this website!


 Just tape yourself up close and tell us…

 Your full name,

the years you studied in SJSU radio and TV news classes,
or your connection to the program.

Briefly update your career experiences since SJSU.

Share a few fond memories of your time here on campus.


Offer some advice to current students on how to prepare
for career in the new world of broadcast and online news!

Send your
DVD tape to:



Prof. Bob Rucker
SJSU Broadcast Reunion

School of Journalism & MCOM
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA. 95192-0055



Don’t miss out on all the fun! 
Join us for something very special!




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